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By pica-ae
In this article i will put the spotlight on Fonts, Font Designers and Font Design Groups here at deviantART.com
When you make a Text Art piece it is almost impossible to do it without a Font. And beyond the standard fonts like Helvetica, Garamond, Futura or Bodoni there are always new fonts to discover.
So, let's have a look at what deviantART.com has to offer.

Font Designers at deviantART.com

:iconquiccs: Quiccs
Betlog Square Standard TTF by Quiccs Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF by Quiccs +Digital Ninja+ :font type: by Quiccs :::We_Wabbits::: +font type+ by Quiccs

:icontwiggy8520: Twiggy8520
Squiggles Ultimate Pack by Twiggy8520 K R A K E N - B E T A by Twiggy8520 Retro Disco by Twiggy8520 Twiggy Hand I by Twiggy8520

:iconmyfox: MyFox
LONDON 2012 Font by MyFox ABC - Font Typeface Version 2 by MyFox GETTING BLOCKY  - Abstract by MyFox kylie baker by MyFox

:iconnymphont: nymphont
Champagne and Limousines  -NEW by nymphont Happy Phantom Font Family by nymphont LT Oksana 6.0 by nymphont Damask Dings1 By Nymphont by nymphont

:iconweknow: weknow
solgas font by weknow by weknow pandaman font by weknow by weknow chewedkandi font by weknow by weknow funrecord font by weknow by weknow

:iconlydia-distracted: Lydia-distracted
Sunday Morning Garage Sale by Lydia-distracted The Bubbler.ttf by Lydia-distracted Pixeltastic by Lydia-distracted Underpaid Sign Painter.ttf by Lydia-distracted

More awesome fonts found at deviantART.com
Ogive Curvature by The-Rapture :thumb83261584: advent font by adventfont Fonce Sans Regular_Prototype by TheRyanFord Sliced AB by atobgraphics
Just Nate - Handwritten Font by just-Nate bobsmade font by Bobsmade MDRS-FD01 by mindriders Simplistic font by Xa0tiK Skjend Hans Gotisk by enframed

Browse the Fonts in the Ressources & Stock Images Gallery

Groups for Font Designers at deviantART.com

:iconawesome-fonts: Awesome-Fonts
:icontype-design: type-design

And If You Use a Font...

Please give credit to the designer who made the font :aww:
They put a lot of work into creating the font and deserve as much respect as any other person who supplies you with stock :)

If you liked this article, please fave it :heart:
© 2010 - 2021 pica-ae
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Nice post and useful.
Thank you.
pica-ae's avatar
Jellyka's avatar
Great collection :)

But sadly, the font category is quite in danger.
Just have a look, if you browse by newest, at least 7/8 of the results are stolen fonts :(
pica-ae's avatar
thank you :huggle:

well, i know that some fonts are free and it is allowed to spread them on other websites too. but only with given credit of course :nod:

however that is of course a problem. sadly not only with fonts but with a lot of stock deviations, especially for applications

i know that the stock GMs are aware of the problem and are struggling with it

but if you see one that is stolen, it would be awesome to report that deviation immediately :aww:
Jellyka's avatar
Yeah, I've spent hours already, reporting deviations. But I mean, that website is not mine, I'm not a mod, it's not my responsibility. I have over 100 notes, and maybe even 200 "you violation report" notes, all deviation I reported were deleted.

But it's not my job.

And DA is not a font site, it's an art website, means that artists post work they did, not that it lists all artistic things ever done in the humanity.

But I don't know about the stock galleries. I noticed for the font one because about a year ago, there were at most 2 fonts posted in a week, and now, there's 2 legit font and 20 stolen, which is really sad :(
pica-ae's avatar
well, thanks for doing that. that is really appreciated :huggle:
but you are right, its not your job :nod: ;) (even tho we need people to report stolen material ^^)

well, creating a font is also sort of artisticm but i know what you mean
however there are galleries, especially in stock that are flooded with copyrighted material
nymphont's avatar
Yes it is SO RAMPANT! It took e and another font author and several sources proving / verifying the theft of one font I reported to get removed, another one i reported dA obviously doesn't care. Seems that it is not that pertinent of an issue with those reviewing violations. But I can only imagine that they receive many many reports that are false, and how horrible would that be to be deemed a thief and have your work removed if you had not of stolen it.

But I think for fonts maybe even a little radio box when submitting, like on dafont, that says, Did you make this font Yes or No. I think even that could be a big deterrent to this, and if all else, fonts that are published by someone other than the other, could then be categorized as so. Just an idea but .... it does not look like dA is going to imply this or any other methods for theft deterrent any time soon.

BTW - Thanks again for the feature.
pica-ae's avatar
i dunno, i am not into the violation reports :shrug:
but there are lots of reports, and it takes a while to go thru them all

yeah, some people allow others to upload their fonts (or icons) on other websites
if they say who initially made them. but you know people dont understan copyright and what is the right thing to do :hmm:

nymphont's avatar
I do hear you on violations, I think that some may be reported a bit willy-nilly (for lack of a better word he he).

The deviations that myself had to help the author by reporting, were fonts that he had published and licensed for commercial use only. That's his livelyhood. Not only had they published them without his permission, they had done so for free. Why would someone pay for his work when they could get it for free? He was very distraught by this so I also reported it when his own reports had not received response!

But yeah, otherwise I really avoid that whole mess and hope for the best!
pica-ae's avatar
yeah, it's good to support fellow deviants :nod:

well, people just dont know anything about copyright and use anything they find like it belongs to nobody
cheesyGFX's avatar
Great collection! :heart:
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matiasromero's avatar
Great article! there is a nice font scene here on Deviantart and we should only reinforce it further. Congrats on the article. Definitely faving it.
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weknow's avatar
that is very amazing collection, god bless you picae
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artemisa-69's avatar
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phoenixleo's avatar
Wow :clap:
great groups and works :clap:
pica-ae's avatar
darkotter360's avatar
A very nice collection :D... personally I'm still trying to get good enough at making fonts to deserve this kind of recognition, so all I can do is look up to these designers and dream for now :P
pica-ae's avatar
thank you :hug:

if you keep on working i am suer it will pay out one day :nod:
darkotter360's avatar
Well, it'd be nice to make some good fonts, but I'm not so worried about the literal meaning of pay out :P.

You're welcome, and thanks for the encouragement :D
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