Project Educate: Welcome to Typography!

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Welcome to Typography!

This week of projecteducate is dedicated to Typography in all its shapes and forms!
"Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible." *

Typography surrounds us on a daily basis and usually we don't even notice it. Its purpose is to convey a message and not distract from it. This is what design is for: it puts information and language into something visually consumable.

This history of Typography starts long before Gutenberg or the Chinese invented movable type. Ever since language was born, man had to find other ways than mouth-to-mouth to transmit a message. What may have started with cave paintings developed into writing and thus, Typography was born.

There are many many faces to Typography: Calligraphy, Printing, Illuminated manuscripts, Graffiti and the list could go on and on!

I will start this week by featuring day-to-day items that contain Typography.

When it comes to Design, Typography serves the purpose of transporting a message. Design works best, if you don't notice the Typography. Anything that stays invisible is good Typography. Anything that stops you from perceiving the message, is a sign of bad Design and Typography.
Design does not stand for itself! It has to serve a purpose. In the case of Typography, the purpose is to make language visible.

Editorial Design
:thumb128715269: pimples by inCubetion

Logo Design
50th anniversary logofolio by schakalwal
Mr. Cutts by ahtibat Dashi logo by russoturisto

Advertising & Poster Design
Orange - 100 by he1z
JOGJAFORCE EXHIBITION POSTER by ngupi Vibetown Flyer 2 by hicky2

Web Design
A Big Rockpress - Wordpress by Nodtveidt
_web: LuminaLive by denzmixed Nonesuch Concept by TheRyanFord

Street sign by StarOfFate
Vegas by sketchbookmistress12 Gun shop sign Lisbon by johnclarke62

:thumb170771019: Music And Piracy Infographic by curseofthemoon

Traditional and Digital Typographic Art as you can find it on dA will follow.

Thank you for reading!

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Project Educate: Typography – Overview

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