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Typography Tutorials

Today I want to highlight some of the Typography Tutorials you can find in Stock & Resources on dA.


Tutorials with a focus on terminology.

Basic Tools

Explanations on how to use Typography Tools in various graphic programs.


Artists sharing the way to their final artwork.
:thumb202655228: That's how it goes by NeedMoreArtZ Design Process: PJ art by gomedia

Effect Tutorials

These tutorials explain some visual effects that can be applied to achieve a certain effect with your text.
Quick Turorial - Broken Text by mauricioestrella How to make pixel text by vanmall Golden Text with Layer Styles by kuschelirmel-stock :thumb191449494: :thumb106982083: Tut typography by Benjamin75


Here the main focus lies on how to use tools to a certain effect.
Chinese Calligraphy Tutorial 1 by Electric-Raichu Chinese Calligraphy Tutorial 2 by Electric-Raichu Typography Portrait Tutorial by lVlorf3us :thumb57802983: Medieval tutorial by beard5

My Previous TextArt TIPS articles

Text Art Tips #1As new partner in crime for your Text Art Gallery Moderator Sander-Seto i thought it was time to write a News Article about Text Art.
Maybe the Text Art Tips will turn into a series of articles.
What can you expect? My aim is to give you some tips on how to improve your Text Art.
So, Here Are Some Tips To Help You Improve Your Text Art
Take your time!
Really, dont rush any artwork you are doing. Especially in Text Art it is easy to just add a line of text to a canvas and you think you're done. This is not the case. Try different things, experiment with colors, with font sizes, textures, canvas sizes, kerning and and and. Just don't be done in 5 min.
Don't let the Font do the Artwork for you!
While Grunge Fonts like Bleeding Cowboy or Typewriter From Hell look interesting and exciting, you really shouldn't use them for your artworks. They are mainly just easy and lazy to use. You can achieve way better resu
Text Art Tips #2Yay, i made the second article in the series :la:
Check out: Text Art Tips #1 to read more tips :)
So, Here Are More Tips On How To Improve Your Text Art
How Many Fonts To Use?
So, you got a font library with 5482 fonts. Nice! We all have and want such a library :B But just because you have 5482 fonts, it doesnt mean you should use all of them in one artwork.
Of course, this scenario is unrealistic. But you've all seen an artwork with more than 10 fonts. Most of them don't look good. And there are other ways of working with words that look different from each other.
You Could Try To Use Different Styles From One Font.
For example Gill Sans offers  7 different styles. And Georgia offers 4 styles. Walkway even offers 31 (!) styles :omg:
That's really a lot of possible fonts to use in one artwork. And the good thing about that? You have a big variety of fonts,
Text Art Tips #3[This is an updated article! Nothing new yet, sorry.]
Finally the third news article in my TextArtTIPS Series!
Check out the previous issues Text Art Tips #1 & Text Art Tips #2
Third Set of Tips On How To Improve Your Text Art & Typography
Script Fonts

A script font in capitals is almost impossible to read.

Comic style fonts work in Capitals.
Script, or chirographic,  fonts can give your artwork a nice personal or realistic touch. But there are some things you may want to pay attention to, when it comes to using them.
Most importantly: do not use Capitals!
Traditional script fonts have big and with swashes decorated uppercase letters. Writing in capitals makes your text unreadable and it does not look g

Thank you for reading!

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Thank you; I have a feeling these will come in very useful. Huggle!