Project Educate: The Typography Galleries

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Project Educate: The Typography Galleries

A brief introduction to the Typography galleries that can be found on deviantART.
(All gallery names are linked, so you can click and browse)

I know, the galleries can be pretty confusing! You can submit Typography to both digital and traditional galleries. Of course, this depends on how you created the work. If you scan a piece, it does not automatically make it digital. And if you draw a part of it, but add elements on a computer to it, it is no longer traditional (Technically it would be Mixed Media, but everything with a typographic content is Typography. Mixed Media however, if it implied use of a graphic program to add to the work, is ALWAYS Digital Art.)

Enough of the boring stuff, here are the galleries :la:

Traditional Art > Typography*

As the name suggests, deviations from this category are created by traditional tools. This means that the main part of the work was created without a computer.
Of course, editing scanned or photographed works for a better presentation is not only allowed, but even necessary. It is paramount to present your work in the best possible manner!

Traditional Art: Work that is primarily created with traditional media and physical materials.

Typography: Images created using traditional means where the subject matter is text using a variety of typeface styles.


This gallery is dedicated to Calligraphy in all its shapes and forms. The most famous ones remain Asian and Islamic Calligraphy, but it is an artform practiced in all cultures and not limited to certain languages or regions.

Calligraphy: Calligraphic characters or signs depicted in an artistic and skilful manner.

Typographic Stencil Art

This gallery is very confusing for many people. I see a lot of miscats in there and I guess many people don't want to use the Miscellaneous gallery and submit to Typographic Stencil Art instead.

Typographic Stencil Art: Typography created with the use of a stencil.


Here you should submit everything that is neither Calligraphy nor Stencil Art. This means typographic drawings, illustrations, lettering, collages, stamps etc.

* This gallery is not in its best shape at the moment. Please bare with me, I will try to give it a better structure in the future. I may ask for input very soon, but only after this Project Educate week is over.

Digital Art > Typography

In thie category all deviations should be submitted to that were either heavily edited using a graphic program or have been created exclusively on a computer.

Digital Art: Digital artwork originally created via the use of digital programs on a computer with a pen & tablet or computer mouse.

Typography: Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, designing a type face or modifying letters.


The key to this gallery is, that all deviations should have the appearance of being hand-drawn, while actually digital tools were used. This can be achieved in many ways, tracing your own sketch or using Calligraphic Brush Tools, which for example can be found in various Vector based programs. Same as for Traditional Calligraphy, language and region play no role in wether to submit to this gallery.
The main focus of Digital Calligraphy is to create text art based on
your illustrative skills and not on existing typefaces.

Calligraphy: Calligraphy depicts self-drawn characters or signs in an artistic and skillful manner, imitating traditional tools.


The main focus of this category is art with a typed out message. It can be a quote, fact or statement about politics, emotions or life. It is probably the most popular category since it is straightforward and easy to understand. Sometimes photos, vectors, 3D renders or drawings are included to underline the meaning. The main focus however is the text.

Conceptual: Artistically displayed text with the main focus on its message.

:thumb195164318: Level Up by GrungeTV :thumb277844817:

Font Design

Fonts can be created from anything from simple shapes or complicated illustrations. However not all fonts are avaiable for download, either because of copyright issues or simply because the font was never turned into a usable font format. This category is for font specimen of self-made fonts only. A specimen contains all the letters of a font in a non-illustrative manner.

Font Design: Imagery with the only purpose of presenting a self-made font. The font itself is the artwork and is displayed in a neutral and technical manner.

Text-based Imagery

This category is dedicated to images created using text or types. This has become a popular form of text art throughout the last years. The main message of this art is delivered through the image, not necessarilyin the text. The text used to create the image can either be an
existing font or self-made letters. The image can be anything from a portrait, object, scene or landscape.

Text-based Imagery: Pieces in which type is used as a minor tool to create an image. The readable content of the visual is less important than the overall look of the piece.

:thumb176826497: :thumb263296466: A Great Man Once Said... by Lavoi


Here goes basically anything that doesnt fit to the other categories. This can be illustrations of single words, letters or names. If the main focus of your text art is the visual aspect and not the message, this is where it goes.

Miscellaneous: Typography containing different styles and techniques.

If you are unsure where to submit to, do not hesitate to ask me! I will try to help you submitting to the right gallery to my best knowledge :)

P.S.: If anything sounds familiar, that may be because I am quoting myself from previous articles on this subject ;)

Thank you for reading!

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Project Educate: Typography – Overview

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Ok, stupid question, but I just want to be sure, so the Font Design folder, can we submit the art with the actual font to download there? Or should we stick to the folders in the Reasource & Stock Images category? Ty in advance, I know you are still on vacay, and will be busy busy busy when u get back. :hug: