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Moleskine Icons

By pica-ae
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transformed to pc format by IAmTheArchitect

so here are some little Moleskine Icons I made recently
i'm personally really happy with it and hope you might enjoy them as well

they come in 4 sizes (512x512, 128x128, 32x32 and 16x16) as .png format and as folder icons

For private use only!

please :+fav: and comment when downloaded, i'd really appreciate it :-)

Moleskine Wallpaper | deviantART Moleskine Icons | Red Moleskine Icons | Moleskine Stamp

:iconthelegendarynotebook: has my allowance to submit this artwork to their club

Thank you all so much for the :+fav:s and nice comments :hug:
i tried but it's getting really hard to thank you all in person, so a big hug to all of you :-)

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The Black surface of the Journal thing has a nice papery texture, but the colored highlights do not. In my personal opinion, I would apply that texture to the coloured highlights.

Besides that it is a really cool icon. One other thinkg I might add is that open versions of this would be cool

I Really hate the 100 word minimum
I Really hate the 100 word minimum
I Really hate the 100 word minimum
I Really hate the 100 word minimum
I Really hate the 100 word minimum
I Really hate the 100 word minimum
I Really hate the 100 word minimum
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Thank you for the feedback :)

The texture on the black part is supposed to be leather, same as the real notebooks [link] The way I choose where to put textures really came from the original product, so I am quite happy with how the textures work together.

I do not offer an "open version" of the icons, because I put a lot of work into them and have no problem with people using and sharing them as final files, but dont really want someone to mess with the open files. That is, of course, if you mean .psd files; I created the icons a long time ago and those files are a mess :lol: Don't want anybody to see that :giggle:

Now as far as the critiqur goes… I think it would be more appropiate to leave this as a comment, especially when you don't like the 100 word minimum. I have no problem accepting critique and appreciat your effort. This has also nothing to do with the fact wether I think your critique was fair or not.
I would just like to have the critiques under my artwork that have a bit more to say aka filling up the 100 word minimum and dont fill it up with ranting about that exact minimum :B
You can find some more information on the critique feature and why it was implied here FAQ #95: What is the Critique Feature and how do I use it?

Thanks for your understanding :hug:
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Pretty awesome!!
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AWESOME Thank you!
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Love it!!!

I'm going to use it for my personal book folder but I have a question, Is it possible to obtain the same icons but with white alphabet letters in the color part? Like A in the red one, B in the blue one.... 

Or like the old iBook one but with the letter in the page marker?

Thx!! Keep working you have a lot of talent!!!
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Thank you :aww: :hug:

I am afraid I don't have the .PSD files for these anymore :( You are welcome to edit the icons yourself, as long as you do not redistribute them and only use them for yourself :) 
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I don't know how to use PS or how can I edit them... But thanks
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Love your job, really *---*

I use icons on my personal folders, and I past some months thinking in what icon use in my Draw Folder

Thank You Very Much for the icons =D
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Thank you :huggle: I am glad you like them :la: 
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These are beautiful and crisp.  Thanks you so much for sharing.  Great talent!
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Thank you :hug: 
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I love these icons!! But can you give me a .psd of these
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Thank you :hug: Unfortunately I do not share my .PSD files :)
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Sweet set, would love the psd so as to customize for my computer, whose folders are in bad need of an update, and these would rock with standard icons embedded for mavericks system replacement.
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Thanks :huggle: I do not share my .PSD files, tho :)
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aweome thanks, sent you a wee note asking permission for use other than my desktop wont use them anywhere else but my desktop without your permission
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I just replied to the note :) Thank you :huggle: 
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Love these icons! Great work!
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Thank you :huggle: 
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