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Don't Try. Do!

Oh hey, look who is late to the party? It's me! 8-)

I thought I could take a pic, desaturate it, add a semi-transparent colored circle and add some type, too! :la:

Of course, cos I'm a nut, I had to add Bokeh and some crazy level adjustments with "effected" masks. And noise. :crazy:

Also: this shall be my new mantra. I tend to be stuck in the "trying to do things" circle. :eager:

It started out red. But that reminded me too much of Japan. I decided to take green, as it is a more positive color. In this context it can also be a metaphor for a traffic light that tells you to "Go!".

Hope you like it :heart: :peace:


STOCK Bokeh by ~Stockandstare
Wisdom Script by James T. Edmondson via Lost Type Co-op
The "DO!" is hand-made out of shapes in Illustrator.
New York picture is my own, taken from the Empire State building facing South, September 16th 2010.
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Indeed, we should do or do not......there is no try.
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so very true. I really like the thought you put into the green circle too! This saying is definitely one I'll try to follow through on this year :D
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Thank you :) :hug: I wish I would have followed that more myself since I made it :lol:
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this is very nice!! and the saying is something i will definitely try--uh, DO. hahaha!! 
pica-ae's avatar
:P and thank you :hug:
aerdna-eab's avatar
you're welcome! ^_^
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You use Wisdom Script from Lost Type. I like you.
pica-ae's avatar
Haha Thank you :XD:
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Really beautiful work. The green color looks very refreshing on top of the dark photograph. Nice typography as well, though i think I would have chosen a lighter weight for 'go!'; right now it seems a bit too dominant.
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Thank you :huggle:

Well, the "Do!" is not a font, it's shaped I created from scratch… I tried different widths for the stroke and this looked the best to me :)
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Good Advice :)
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noise :heart:

Amazing typography poster, looks just amazing, love the b/w with the green. :')

also thanks for the typo site downloaded almost every font there. :0
pica-ae's avatar
:XD: (makes finding stock easy, if you want to add noise anyway lol)

Thank you :huggle:

oh yes, that site is cool! so many pretty fonts :love:
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I'm the same, I always say 'I'll try to...' or 'I'll try my best to...'
One of my (until now) silent resolutions is to DO more, not just try :)
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yeah :nod: trying is not doing :la:

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