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Daily Deviation
September 21, 2009
''I'd like to suggest this because I think the background looks like it took a lot of work and also the whole piece kind of fits with the text, considering what the phrase is from (Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy!)'' Don't Panic. by =pica-ae
Featured by Sander-Seto
Suggested by BurgerBunny
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Don't Panic.



[EDIT] Yes, it's a real proper apostrophe now. Back then, when I first creaed the piece, I knew a lot less about Typography than I do now. And I was tried of it being picked on constantly, cos I know I can do better.
It's also a .png now… so it may appear darker.[/EDIT]

Photoshop; 1hr

another type piece
i know, loads of people have done these phrase. :| i don't care. anyway THGTTG is awesome and here we go.
i wanted to bring back the good olde serifs into typography. as it comes most people just use sans serifs nowadays. or they just use all types at once. so here i go.
does it still count as typography? i did spent some time on the background, but finding the font and justifying it took its part too.


oh my...
thank you Sander-Seto for featuring and BurgerBunny for suggesting this as a DD! :tighthug: :heart: :love:

don't flame me for using lens flare filter :iconteheplz:

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Pretty nice overall. However, a few typographic errors:
1) Use a smart quote. I just noticed someone already mentioned that and you acknowledged it, so I'm just saying it for the sake of stating the errors.
2) The kerning is so tight that there's a gap between the /A/ and /N/ which can't be optically fixed because tighter kerning would mean the letters will touch. The obvious solution would be to kern the other letters a bit more loosely.
3) You're not using real small-caps. As you can see by the difference in weight between the caps and faux small-caps, the small-caps are just a smaller version of the caps. Not all fonts feature real small-caps, so that's something to keep in mind when selecting a font. Also, the dot and apostrophe look very heavy because they fit with the caps and not with the faux small-caps. It's like adding a 24pt dot to 18pt text.

I also see a straight line in the top right corner of the background. Is that a mistake? It looks like the texture you used just wasn't big enough / not stretched enough.