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Box Icons

another Icon Pack!

Box Icons
7 colors | .png 32, 64, 128, 512

kinda enviromental lately. especially about colors ;)
i wanted to make some boxes, the kinda fit good to the Paperbag Icons i submitted earlier

anyway, comments ans critique are welcome as always :eager:

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:) I am glad you like them
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Excellent! thank you!!
took these too ,)
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Thank you, just what I needed. Great work
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cool :)
glad that you like them :aww:
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Thanks, Man, Long time looking for replacement icon for WebARCHIVE extractor, You've done a great job.
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cool, thank you :hug:

glad you like them :)
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Very cool...
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I like this better than the paper bags, the shoebox has a collector's feel to it, like something to stick random files from five years ago or little pic memories of things. Further, the perspective is spot on, and looks good in Cover View (not that I use it too often, but still).

If you're looking for somethign to convert to icns, img2icns is a free program for may uses (check the license) or get the XCode developer pack and use Icon Composer.
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haha, yeah that's true, it's more for storing memories or stuff :)

yes, here i was more interested in getting a real perspective ;)
oh, i don't have cover view, still running with 10.3.9 :noes:

in the meantime i used fast2icons (or similar, forgot the name) to convert them, but i can only do that at work, i have a newer mac there :yum: thanks for the tips anyway :hug:
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Schöne Icons :)

Zum umwandeln in icns-Format probier doch mal "FastIcns" aus. Ist Freewäre, läuft unter Tiger (bei mir nämlich :D ) und liefert bei mir gute Ergebnisse.
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danke :hug:

klingt gut, aber ich hab noch panther :yum:
ich merks mir aber mal auf jeden fall :nod:
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Bag, box....what is next? :giggle:
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i had started a Bomb... but that is lame :XD:
Scrabble! maybe ;)
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or a scrabble bomb! :giggle:

Go as you like! :#1:
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:faint: what? you want me to get a nervous breakdown?! i'd go nuts bout something like that :lmao:

aaaah... i don't know :confused: lol
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So is scrabble bomb ready yet?! ;flirty:
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