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Scenes from a marriage

This is my modest, free tribute to Ingmar Bergman.
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Creatively imaginative :clap:
This is beautiful. Do you keep sketchbooks? I am a freelance writer, editor and project manager working for many of the leading illustrated, non-fiction publishers in the UK and abroad. I am always looking for interesting work to feature in book projects. It would be good to chat to you about your work. Let me know. Thanks, Natalia
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Oddly, I have never seen a Bergman movie!

I do like the collage anyway!
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oh you should try to watch some if you ever have the chance

bergman films have the reputation to be very dark, and they sometimes are, but they give me the feeling that i know better about life when i watch one
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yeah, that's a different kind of movie from what we mostly have now. Beverly and i went to the movies a couple weeks ago and the trailers were for things that looked so stupid i was just amazed. we were seeing "Hail, Caesar" - which is great and in fact gave me that knowing-more-about-life feeling!
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we go to the independant movie theater almost every weekend, they still play films in original version with subtitles there

and "hail, caesar" was precisely the movie we saw las weekend

i loved it, found it clever with its multiple plots, captivating AND with a great sense of humor

sense of humor tends to become rare nowadays !
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oh super that you saw it :handshake:

and it was such a warm-hearted, generous sense of humor! a lot of movie comedy these days - in U.S. films - is mean or gross or just plain stupid :roll:

tap-dancing on the table tops :boogie:
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i love the text, poetry
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ha thank you marja, you're the only one who mentioned the words in this work :aww:
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u are welcome:aww:

ha and ha, Yeah! :giggle: 
i love write poetry, so it is
what i see... text Writer's Block 
Death Note Emoticon ver.2 Writing emoticon 
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oh i didn't know this collage you made ... so mesmerizing @____@

and yeah, it could be the following of the story :D
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Oh...Excellent! Premier ressenti,j'aime beaucoup,il me faudra pourtant y revenir pour en comprendre les subtilités.Tu explores l'art collage?Ou peut être n'est ce pas ton premier étant donné la beauté de celui ci
Piarvi-Recherreen's avatar
j'ai déjà fait quelques collages, dont certains sont postés sur dA

c'est une façon différente de créer, plus ludique ... et qui demande moins d'effort que la photo, je crois

en photo, il faut trouver de nouvelles idées, si possible originales, chercher des lieux différents à chaque fois

pour les collages, je feuillette les pages d'un magazine, et ce sont les idées qui viennent à moi ... ou je pique les idées des autres en les détournant

ça peut être très amusant :)
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D'accord,oui l'inspiration peut plus facilement surgir des pages que tu feuillètes,alors que pour une photo conceptuelle,il faut déjà une idée à la base,je pense ...C'est une belle source de création en tout cas ,un moyen d'expression qui peut être très éloquent!
Piarvi-Recherreen's avatar
et aussi plutôt amusant à faire :nod:
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I love this entirely too much! It is beautiful!
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Great piece! I love the flow of the colours and composition. The images are powerful side by side, and make quite a statement. :clap:
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