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Zozo Lonmi: The Cerulean Spectre

Half human, half Drow, all awesome, or so her 20 Charisma would have you believe.  She's an awkward 17-year-old schoolgirl by day and a badass Magical Girl...pretty much all the time.  I play her every Saturday in a Pathfinder magical girl campaign.  It's a houseruled campaign, so the GM simply wanted us to choose any class as long as it could do magic, and she would add her own Magical Girl rules.  I didn't realize that when I made Zozo, and just used the Magical Girl class.  I have mixed feelings about the Magical Girl class.  It's a subtype of the really freaking awesome Vigilante Class, so I thank it for introducing me to that, but for the sake of flavor, Magical Girl sort of makes it...not so awesome.  Still a good class, but a bit underwhelming.  Usually, I draw my Pathfinder and DnD characters the moment I finish my character sheet so I can add their pictures to it, but Zozo is one of several that I just didn't for some reason.  We're three months into the campaign and here I am finally putting Zozo up.  Anyway, I was NOT trying to make Zozo look Millennial.  I was trying to make her look like a Gen-X punk and I hope that comes across.  I even found a nice, rebellious outfit as a reference to put on her.  Zozo has a strong compassionate side, an anti-authoritarian opinion on how government should work, and she's a bit more social than she'd like to be.  This campaign takes place in a high magic setting.  You know the type, ostensibly a medieval world, but magic has basically made it the modern world with modern conveniences.  Zozo ties with Ashala for my favorite character I've ever created and played.

Zozo lives in Ranathia, the City of Slums, ruled by the Evil Overlord Oathgar.  Zozo's mission, as far as she knows, has nothing to do with Oathgar.  In fact, most people thing Oathgar's pretty alright.  He makes sure the city is safe and he's very adamant about public education.  She was trying to get two younger girls home before the curfew bell when something in the alley they had taken as a shortcut drew their attention.  A dying man...a race unlike any they had ever seen.  He said he had been searching for them, and with his dying breath, magically placed amulets on each of them.  Almost immediately, they each found that three baby animals were giving them advice.  Zozo's companion was Tuttle the Turtle.  Through them, they learned that their mission was to fight the Shadows.  No, literal shadows!  They are frequently attacked by shadow monsters from another plane, controlled against their will by the Shadow King, who seeks the Arkis Crystal and to bring darkness to the world.

Ashamed by her Drow heritage, Zozo, while happy to talk about her past, is very secretive about her family history.  Anyone knowing her would immediately note that her family is entirely human and that she is the only exception.  With her newfound powers, she sees this as a chance to help people and to right many of the wrongs she perceives in the world, yet because of her Drow heritage, she's terrified of becoming a monster.  Before moving to Ranathia, Zozo had always been told that she was a monster, that she was untrustworthy; because of how she was born and what her father was.  Moving to Ranathia, she was stunned to meet Drow that were actually decent people, and she has trouble reconciling that with what she had always been told a Drow was--what she was.  It is for these reasons that she strictly refuses to kill.  She has a strong dislike for any kind of violence against the innocent, but she particularly despises rapists and child traffickers, the later of which Ranathia appears to have a bit of a problem with.
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