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[TOCW] Twilight that Watches over Forest by pianofinqers [TOCW] Twilight that Watches over Forest by pianofinqers
I stole the template from Redlion120, hope you don't mind ^^;


Name: Twilight that Watches over Forest [Twilight]
   Reasoning: She and her littermate, Fawn, were born just before twilight.
Former Name(s): None
Nicknames: Twilight, Twi
Gender: Female
Age: 8+ moons

Physical Information

Appearance: A fluffy, tawny she-cat with a litter underbelly, darker accents near her paws and ears. Sports spots on her back and has green eyes.
Eyes: Green
Species: Cat
Breed: Unknown
Scent: The ocean, flowers
Accessories: None
Height: 8.5 in.
Weight: 6.5 lbs
Build: Lean, fluffy.


Funny, Social/Friendly, Charismatic, Quick, Impatient, Procrastinating
(+) Funny; Always making her friends laugh, Twilight has a tendency to tease, but is usually just joking around.
(+) Social/Friendly; She's always talking and loves to meet new people and make new friends!
(+) Charismatic; A charming little she-kitten, she knows how to sweet-talk, and it's hard not to love her. Her looks don't hurt this trait either.
(/) Quick; While most people consider this to be a good trait, she also is a quick-talker; sometimes she might not think before she speaks.
(-) Impatient; Waiting is her weakness. Simple as that.
(-) Procrastinating; She puts things off to the last minute.
Likes: Flowers, lazy days, her family.
Dislikes: Lightning storms, mean cats.

Lightning that Streaks across Sky [Lightning]
   Mother: Robin that Chirps at Dawn [Robin]
   Brothers: None
   Sisters: Fawn that Runs through Forest
Mate: None
   BF/GF: None
   Sons: None
   Daughters: None


 Early Kithood: 
-Born in the night, Twilight was named after the sky above, just before twilight.
-Family is very close, Lightning couldn't be more proud of his girls.
-Twi and Fawn begin to explore the cave, making sure no inch went unchecked.
-The two try prey for the first time, Twilight decides she likes mice the best.
-Robin starts telling stories to the kits to help them sleep, the two are fascinated and love them.
Mid-Late Kithood: 
-The two sisters grow out of their nest with Robin and get their own.
-Some of Twilight's personality develops, she is seen as charismatic and lovable to her tribe-mates.
-Fawn and Twilight promise each other to always look out for one another, even in the hard times.
-Lightning and Robin introduce the kits to puzzles. They create a game called "Searcher", where the goal is to explore the entire cave for clues so they can solve the mystery.
-The kits are growing very big, it will soon be time for them to become to-be's.
-Twilight was just recently appointed a to-be!


Physical Stats:
Bulk ••••◦◦◦◦◦◦ 4/10
Weight ••••••◦◦◦◦ 6/10
Height •••••◦◦◦◦◦ 5/10
Reflexes •••••••
◦◦ 7/10
Agility •••••••
◦ 7/10
Balance ••••••••◦◦ 8/10
Flexibility •••••◦◦◦◦◦ 5/10
Mental Stats:
Intelligence ••••••
◦◦ 7/10
Focus •••••••••◦ 9/10
Cunning •••••••◦◦◦ 7/10
Observation ••••••◦◦◦◦ 6/10
Mental Strength ••••••••◦◦ 8/10
Technical Skill:
Battle ••••◦◦◦◦◦◦ 4/10
Hunting ••••••◦◦◦◦ 6/10
Swimming •••◦◦◦◦◦◦◦ 3/10
Tracking •••••••◦◦◦ 7/10
Stealth •••••••◦◦◦ 7/10
Climbing •••••◦◦◦◦◦ 5/10
Physical Skill:
Strength ••••◦◦◦◦◦◦ 4/10
Speed ••••••◦◦◦◦ 6/10
Endurance •••••••◦◦◦ 7/10
Accuracy •••••••◦◦◦ 7/10

Name | Owner | Gender | Relationship between them | list bullets | Quote from my character about your character

Fawn | Redlion120  | she-cat | Sister | Heart  | Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink | Bullet; Orange | Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green | Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple | Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! | You're super nice and I love you a lot!! We're the bestest of friends!!

Lightning | Redlion120 | tom | Father | Heart  | Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink | Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange | Bullet; Green Bullet; Green | Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple  | Daddy is the bestest dad I could ask for. He's super friendly and I love him a lot too!!

Robin | Neon-Sprite | she-cat | Mother | TBA

Roleplay info

I will match your preferred length! I can go up to three paragraphs! I do not like one sentence roleplays.
I mostly prefer comments, though notes work as well. I DO NOT HAVE A SKYPE!
I can do any type of roleplay, though I am less-skilled in gore roleplays for I do not have as much experience.
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