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    My name is Adagio Fantasque (formerly known as Pianodream). I’m a freelance artist & illustrator. My art can be found through various social media such as (but not limited to):

    DeviantArtArtStationTumblr, and Twitter.

I am also the proud owner of 2 adorable Djungarian hamster pets, one of whom has been struck by illness since April 2018.

His name is Paintbrush. This is him.

Paintbrush has a teeth growth problem. He is not using his gnawing toys properly, causing his teeth to overgrow and seriously handicap his ability to feed and groom himself.
He has lost a lot of weight, and needs to be hand fed daily, as well as administered medicine to prevent inflammation and vitamins to prevent deficiencies.

I am opening these reduced-pricing commissions to help cover the medical expenses and cost of both his medicines and some new gnawing toys to encourage him to use his teeth and fix the problem.

(So far, my goal is about 120€. If all is well, it should be all I need, however, if the problem persists, I’m looking at bi-weekly 50€+ medical expenses further down the line. :’( )

Please, consider purchasing something to help me and my pet. It would mean the world to me.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

―――――――――― GUIDELINES ――――――――――


  • Humanoids (OCs and existing characters both accepted)

  • Animalistic/Anthro/Hybrid characters (such as but not limited to furries, fawns/satyres, centaurs, angels, demons, mermaids, plantkins etc…)

  • Romance or Shipping art (bar pedophilia)

  • Chibis

  • Artistic nudity

  • Bloody/Death/Body Horror (Guts/Guro to be debated in private)

  • Sexually implicit content (BL/GL/etc ok!)

  • Backgrounds

  • Costume/Prop Design/Reference Sheets


  • R-18G type porn

  • Complex architecture

  • Erotic gore

  • Hateful religious/racially-biased content

―――――――――― PRICING ――――――――――

――――― PAYMENT & CONTACT ―――――
Discord: Spiswel#9217
Skype: adagiofantasque
Tumblr: orchestrion-works
Twitter: orchestrion_inc

I only accept real-world money.

Payment will have to be delivered in full before I send you your finished piece. I do not accept half-before half-after terms. Upon request I may send a snippet or preview of the finished piece, as well as progress shots for adjustments.

Make sure you click the “Pay for goods or services” button when you send money. A currency convertor will be made available to you when selecting this option.
Also make sure you cover the “senders’ fee” that Paypal takes from the amount.

Should I accept payment through this method from you, under no circumstances are you to disclose my name, address or any other personal information to others.

――――― Thank you for your reading! ―――――

Adagio Fantasque 2018

Definitely not the first time I post this but apparently people can't read.


No I'm not coming back.
No I'm not the creator, I can't make an ending for it.
No it's not "coming back soon". Its creator Tomoyoshi has moved on and has never given any updates about it since March 2010.
No I won't pick it up and finish it because you want an end.
In fact, no, I wouldn't come back even if you PAID me for it.
I don't care anymore about this fandom, I don't care about anything related to it anymore.

Have at least the decency to stop messaging me about it.

I moved out to a new account. Tired of harassment about Heta-fucking-Oni. This one will stay active only for Dreamtalia/Hetalia stuff.

It's been more than TWO years and I'm still getting fan messages about HetaOni.

So for the last fucking time, STOP. This is my last warning.

Any new comments/messages/notes I receive about HetaOni will be deleted and their authors blocked. You have been warned.

Those who wish to follow me for art/UTAU things can contact me via a note or via tumblr.
  • Listening to: UTAU stuff
  • Reading: boring things
  • Watching: Supernatural s05
  • Playing: FFXIV (server Shiva, Spiswel Gwennardec)
  • Eating: my nails
  • Drinking: no thank you.
Short news but:
_ the uploading site where Neo and I had stacked our reuploaded english version is dead. Meaning the file's down.

_ Both of us have been  out of HetaOni since 2 damn years, hence we pretty much deleted everythig we had about it including this file.

TL;DR: My version has been taken down for good and NO I can't fix it so please quit asking about it. Other people in the fandom with similar english playable projects can be found all over dA and tumblr.

EDIT: Thank to Neo-Kyno and dA user janaciao, We were able to retrieve the file and put it back up, here's the new DL link:…

Second thing: Rumors have been going around that /I/ would've made an ENDING to HetaOni and would release it if the fandom behaved. That is NOT TRUE.

Please read more explanations (and true informations) on my friend Skitzen's journal:  HetaOni Complete Full Game Info!!!-
Alright everyone. I've heard a lot of rumors going around that there IS an ending to the real HetaOni.  And/or Pianodream has it. I am here to tell everyone what is really going on, and clear up everything that's getting the poor fans excited for nothing..
1- There is NO real ending to Hetaoni.
2- :iconPianodream: is /NOT/ the original creator everyone! She merely made a playable English version for the fans to enjoy and play themselves. And did a very great job at making it.
3- Piano will not, and does not have a 'full game' made. She has made the game to the exact point where the original has ended. Nothing more. Please stop pestering her about this. There is nothing she is keeping from everyone. Let her be.
4-And for the few people who think :iconskitzen: (me) was the creator of the original.. No, sadly I am not. I have only made :iconHetaOni-LC: Which is pretty much a fangame of the original. It will, have endings. But it is not to be assumed a

I have stated multiple times that the ORIGINAL CREATOR of HetaOni was a JAPANESE PERSON named TOMOYOSHI.


HetaOni has not been updated since March 2010 by its original creator and I believe it's time for its fandom to accept that it's /NOT/ coming back. Because Tomoyoshi has moved on since a LONG time and you should maybe consider doing the same.

I've been out of this fandom since 2012, I don't wish to come back, and my activities have been solely about art/UTAU/else ever since. Do not expect me to take any more part in this gigantic drama.

Please note that anything I receive concerning HetaOni (comments, notes, pleas for help, bugs help etc) is now flagged and discarded without any regrets from me. Enough of this shit.

------------------- In other news:

This account is becoming clogged up with old art and harassment about HetaOni, hence I'll be moving out to a new deviantArt account anytime now.

I won't display links to my newer account on a public board because I wish to use it for things that are not HetaOni/Hetalia related.
I'll mail the new account's links to my friends and whoever follows my current activity as an artist will probably be able to find it on my tumblr information.

I WILL STILL USE THIS ACCOUNT to post journals, also probably material and information about Dreamtalia matters, however I won't be updating it anymore.

Please note that most my art things are now posted unto my tumblr (which is solely UTAU/art-related, with bits and pieces of Dreamtalia): in the tag "piano draws"

If you want the link to the new account, please leave a comment or a note to me, I cant keep track of ALL my followers!!
Also bear in mind that if you're obviously associated with MMD, Hetaoni, askblogs, in sum, stuff that I don't wish to dwell in anymore, there's a fair chance I'll refrain from sending you a link, for the reasons stated above.

  • Listening to: UTAU stuff
  • Reading: boring things
  • Watching: Supernatural s05
  • Playing: FFXIV (server Shiva, Spiswel Gwennardec)
  • Eating: my nails
  • Drinking: no thank you.

HetaOni/New HetaGame Announcement: the Aftermath

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 2:42 AM
  • Listening to: BAD END NIGHT
  • Reading: A heartbreaking FRUK doujin.
  • Watching: My Pewdiecry shimeji. They're so funny.
  • Playing: HetaOni chapter 17 (problem, bro?)
  • Eating: chocolate parfait birthday cake~
  • Drinking: Nothing so far.

I guess it was not much of a secret for anyone anymore, but it needed an official announcement.

After our (Neo-Kyno and I) work on the HetaOni series is over (when the final version is released by the end of 2012), Neo will QUIT RPG-making and I'll work with :iconkyokyo866: on an ORIGINAL HETAGAME PROJECT.

Please read more about it in this entry: dreamtalia-official.deviantart…
And spread this new upcoming project to the fandom if you wish ^^

It also means that:
_ WE ARE NOT going to translate/encode any other Japanese fangames such as RomaHeta or HetaHazard. There are other non-japanese people here on DeviantArt that are working on those projects already, please refer to them for those series.

_WE ARE NOT considering to release/translate HetaOni English Project in other languages than English. The main reason to that is that we don't speak other languages than French (our mother tongue) and English. HetaOni French Version is not totally out of question, but it's a very frail idea. Do NOT come to us asking about other available languages such as Spanish, German or Russian, because RPG MAKER is very picky about accents and such and might not even be able to handle other languages than English.

_As we always write in our game descriptions and credits: WE ARE NOT the creators of HetaOni, and thus WE DO NOT even want to make an ENDING for the story. You players are free to make up your OWN idea about it. But we WONT code anything about it.

Skin by SimplySilent

Bacterial!Hetalia Fanclub Opened

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2012, 4:54 AM
  • Listening to: Weird shit
  • Reading: Code Breaker
  • Watching: Weird shit
  • Playing: HetaOni chapter 16 (problem, bro?)
  • Drinking: nothing

Yeah, you read that right. I can't believe it either. O_o


So far, we still have to open folders to contribute art, but it should be done soon.

CSS by AnglaisRose

UTAU News: what's coming soon.

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 8:02 AM
  • Reading: Nouvelles Fantastiques
  • Watching: APH Hetalia
  • Playing: With MMD and RPGMAKER
  • Eating: My nails, actually. And Nutella.
  • Drinking: Water?

I'm not totally back yet, my plane for my sweet homeland France is only tomorrow, but meh, I need to write this down or I'll forget.

Here are my next UTAU related projects, which will take probably several months to be completed.


Zhe's gonna get a multi VCV VB, a bit like Namine Ritsu KIRE.

_VCV B3 "Legato" : 30% recorded, 20% otoed.
_VCV A4 "Core": 0% recorded, 0% otoed.
_VCV C5 "Concerto": 0% recorded, 0% otoed.


They MIGHT get:
_ACT3 VCV K-01: 0% recorded, 0% otoed.
_ACT4 CVVC Filipino Voicebank: 0% recorded, 0% otoed.


She is getting a lot of stuff too, a multi CV VB and a VCV.

Marie multiCV  ACT2:
_CV C4 "Cry": 100% recorded, 70% otoed.
_CV G4 "Adagio": 0% recorded, 0% otoed.
_CV C5 "Finale": 0% recorded, 0% otoed.

_Marie Kagekine VCV SYMPHONIA: 0% recorded, 0% otoed.

Lots of recording to do... I think the first one to come are going to be Ciel Emotions and Marie ACT2.

CSS by AnglaisRose

UTAUs Directory (Ciel ACT1 UPDATE)

Journal Entry: Thu May 10, 2012, 4:10 PM
  • Listening to: SKY HIGH - Marie Kagekine
  • Reading: a Hetalia yaoi doujinshi. Probably FRUK.
  • Watching: APH Hetalia
  • Playing: With MMD and RPGMAKER
  • Eating: French food.
  • Drinking: Water?
Hello, nice to meet you! Pianodream speaking, and in this journal entry I'll make a sorta general UTAU directory to introduce to you my UTAUs and provide informations and download links for each of them because you see, I do other things besides Hetalia and HetaOni and no one seems to have any interest in those >___>

Anyway, if you want to make me happy, draw one of these!! :


    Ciel Sekaine

_History and Character
_Voicebanks Download Links

    NiKORU Kajetano

_History and Character
_Voicebanks Download Links

    NiKO Kajetano

_History and Character
_Voicebanks Download Links

    Marie Kagekine

_History and Character
_Voicebanks Download Links


hello ladies and gentlemen by sozine2 (awxsdf sexy pose is totally OOC, zhe's naturally SMEXY)

Name & Meaning: 世界音(Sekaine; sound of the world)  シエル (Ciel: french word for "the sky"). Hir nickname is "Sissy" (シッシ), but zhe doesn't particuliarly like it, it's too girly.
LOID ID/Model: WORLDloid (ワールドロイド) // 00 - ∞ (Zero - Infinity)
Nationality/Race: French // Unknown Race
Gender: Genderless
Age: unstated, at least 200 years old.
Voice Range: G2-C5 (male), G4-F7 (female)
Voice Type: clear, metallic, robotic, feminine (female) // mellow, soft, clear (male)
Height/Weight: Ciel has got the strange ability to grow or shorten whenever zhe wants, but hir regular size is 172 cms for 50 kgs.
Likes: calm and emotional music, orchestral music, arts in general, mystic and esoteric features...
Items: Pocket Watch, Tarot Card, Blind Man's cane
Dislikes: Crowds, loud noises, children (zhe's very uncomfortable with them)
Character and History: Ciel is a very secret person, zhe's always very calm and quiet, zhe doesn't speak very much, and seems quite shy, being afraid of joining the other UTAUloids. Zhe's almost blind, and hir health is extremely poor, causing hir to faint abruptly sometimes and waking up later without remembering what happened, but hir other senses have grown sharper than anyone else's.
Zhe is someone with a lot of culture, and a lot of "taste" in cultural objects and knowledges.
As a French, zhe is a gourmet, and since zhe becomes sick really too easily, zhe's quite strict about food.
Hir skin is very pale, but that's its natural color.
Since zhe's genderless, (s)he speaks either with a male voice or a female voice, which actually gets his fellow UTAUloids and Masters confused. But Ciel doesn't really understand why is gender so important to everyone. However, (s)he's used to speaking with the japanese male language (Ex: in Japanese (s)he uses "Boku" and "Ore", which are "male" words to say "I".)
Zhe's stylish, even a bit tidy, but (s)he's not really that fashionable. (s)He prefers old-fashioned and chic clothing to modern fashion. His/Her favorite clothes? French haute couture, of course.
Though zhe isn't especially attracted to children, children seem to like him/her. Zhe doesn't especially love children because "they always make too much noise".
Hir voice can shatter glass and stone! Be careful and don't get him/her angry, you might regret it.
When (s)he doesn't know what to do, (s)he plays with his cards. (s)He's got trump cards and tarot cards. He practices divination and esoteric arts, and has some special gift to "feel paranormal phenomenons" such as ghosts, poltergeists etc... It doesn't really bother him though.
Though (s)he's blind, (s)he's trying to spend most of his/her time acting like a normal person. Even his/her blindman's cane is shaped like a normal one.
Zhe speaks four languages: Japanese, English, French and German.

Technical Notes about the voicebanks

Oto is herpderp. Please do modify it.
This voicebank doesn't handle deep notes very well. On the contrary, it's very beautiful on medium or high songs.
Specific flags can add a special effect to the voice: G+5B0Y0H20 (dark opera)

It was recorded in G2, but it handles both deep and high notes surprisingly well (see demo songs for exemple)
Oto needs a bit of work, but not that much.
The voice is too softly recorded to make rock songs, but it has a nice dark feeling in low octaves.

Voicebanks Download Links
_ACT1 (♀):… (better oto, up dated on 22.05.12)
_ACT2 (♂):…
_ACT3 (♀) FRENCH :…

Demo Songs:
ACT1: Glow (feat Pianodream) :…
_Deep Notes: Bacterial Contamination :…
_High notes: AaAaAaAaAa :…
ACT3: I'll quit singing FRENCH version:…


NiKORU Kajetano (…)

K01 - NiKORU by Marinia-Ann (ACT2 CORE DESIGN)

NiKORU Harajuku Append by Marinia-Ann (APPEND HARAJUKU DESIGN)

Name & Meaning: NiKORU (Nicole) Kajetano (Cayetano)
LOID ID/Model: KOBALOiD // K-01
Nationality/Race: Filipino-Japanese // Human
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Voice Range:
Voice Type: clear, accented (rolled Rs), nasal, child-ish
Height/Weight: 5'3" // 48 kgs
Likes: Reading, Singing, Luksong Baka(tagalog game)(the annoying thing is,she's wearing a skirt), Joking Around, Being Sarcrastic
Items: Music Box
Dislikes: Being poked,stalked,and made fun of for no reason, Dancing in public , whores and hippies.
Character and History: coming soon.

Voicebanks Download Links
_Append HARAJUKU:… (Mature, Deep, Hard, Visual-Rock)
_Append SWEET:… (Whisper, Dark, Cute, Breathy)

Demo Songs:
_ACT2: LEIA :… , Tokyo Teddy Bear :…
_ACT3: none yet.
_Append HARAJUKU: Last Battle (feat NiKO)…

NiKO Kajetano (…)

NiKO by Marinia-Ann

Name & Meaning: NiKO (Nikolai) Kajetano (Cayetano)
LOID ID/Model: KOBALOiD // K-01
Nationality/Race: Filipino-Japanese // Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Voice Range:
Voice Type: clear, accented (rolled Rs), tenor.
Height/Weight: 175 cms // 60 kgs
Likes: Reading, Singing, Studying a lot, Succeeding in school
Items: Jack in a Box
Dislikes: That someone messes with his little sister. He is VERY protective with her. ​Having to make long speeches and arguing with people and Getting bad grades at school.
Character and History: NiKO is NiKORU's calm and adult older brother. Always running after her to rpevent he from acting foolish or repairing her mistakes, one might think he could snap, but his patience seems to have no limits. He became famous for his "NiKO Poker Face", which is the usual calm expression he has.

Voicebanks Download Links
NiKO's voice is obtained by GENDERBENDING NiKORU's voicebanks with g+15 or g+20 flag and TIPS resampler (see links in the section above).

Demo Songs:
_ACT2: Einsamkeit :
_ACT3: none yet.
_HARAJUKU Append: Bacterial Contamination:…
_Append Sweet: none yet

Marie Kagekine

Name & Meaning: Marie (French version of Mary) Kagekine
Nationality/Race: French // Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Voice Range: C3 - F6
Voice Type: clear, opera, lyrical, emotional
Height/Weight: 170 cms // 60 kgs
Likes: Singing, TEaching her art, Performing in public, classical and orchestral music.
Items: Photo Pendant
Dislikes: That someone criticizes classical music, rap music.
Character and History: Marie is the latest UTAU from the FRAloids² generation (FRANCE UTAULOIDS) as well as the first OPERAloid in the world. Raised and taught to sing classical, she upgraded from the National UTAU Conservatory of Paris and became a classical diva. Her voice shatters glass and make stones cry, but Marie is described as a humble and gentle person. She acts as the big sister among the FRAloids² along with Kyle Futarine. She's the second oldest character in the FRAloids series after Kyle.

Voicebanks Download Links

Notes about her VB: Marie sounds the best with TIPS, and the OTO definitely needs some work, don't hesitate to modify it.

Demo Songs:
ACT1 Classical:
_Der Hölle Rache (Fail!German, Aria of the Queen of Night, Mozart)…

A lot of other informations can be found on each UTAU's Wiki Page.

Of HetaOni-related AMVs and deviations + UTAU News

Journal Entry: Tue May 8, 2012, 3:24 AM
  • Listening to: Bacterial Contamination- Ciel Sekaine
  • Reading: Probably FRUK.
  • Watching: APH Hetalia
  • Playing: With MMD and RPGMAKER
  • Eating: French food.
  • Drinking: Water?

I've seen a lot of deviations around here that merely are nothing more but screenshots of my game, screenshots of spoiling scenes.
That's annoying.

I mentioned explicitly in the READ ME file of the game that NOTHING, including sounds and pictures and game data, should be taken from the game by any mean, be it screenshot or whatever.

Thus I do NOT accept AMVs or dA posts which are made out of fucking screenshots!
I authorize people who make walkthroughs or let's plays of the game, and I authorize to use the pictures which are uploaded in my DA GALLERY ("HetaOni" folder) to ake AMVs, but NOT images DIRECTLY FROM THE GAME.

If I haven't uploaded them in DA, it's for a good reason. So please refrain from posting game screenshots, even to report bugs (the only place where I authorize game screenshots to be reported is THE BUG REPORTING SHEET, and NOT DA.).

Moreover, most of the people who approach me going "I found a bug!" haven't even read the description and thus don't know that there is a BUG CORRECTING PATCH available for download.

Stop posting stupid comments on my page and stop posting screenshots from the game.
That sums it up.

Now for some news!


_We are halfway through chapter 14.

_It's getting harder and ahrder, and I had to make a bunch of ressources and tilesets for that. Jeez.

_We will release the newer version at the end of chapter 15.

_NO RELEASE DATE. Like always. Stop asking.

_Go watch the fucking HetaOni Making-Of Livestream, and the first one asking "where is that?" will get round-house kicked:

UTAU and UTAUloids

I'd like to ask people who like to draw for cover art requests, concerning:

    Ciel Sekaine:

_ Lacrimosa (Kalafina)

_Katayoku no Tori

_LEIA (Yuyoyuppe)

_ Blue (Yuyoyuppe)

_ Aria di Mezzo Carattere (Final Fantasy VI's opera)

_Double Lariat

_Bacterial Contamination


_I'll quit singing

_ Imitation Black (Kandou as Gakupo, Ciel as Kaito and Hibiki Komida… as Len)

_Paranoid Doll


_Rolling Girl

    NiKORU Kajetano:

_Ai Kotoba

_Bacterial Contamination


_Blue (Yuyoyuppe)


_Rolling Girl


    NiKO Kajetano


_Bacterial Contamination

_Just Be Friends

_Bad Apple (NiKO x NiKORU)


_Panda Hero (NiKO x NiKORU)

_Alumina (Death Note ending)

Marie Kagekine (NEWCOMER)

_Aria of the Queen of the Night

_Ave Maria


_Rolling Girl

Of course, if you want to draw a cover art for them singing an other song, feel free to do so, it might give me ideas for next covers.

CSS and Design by AnglaisRose

HetaOni News: Major Transformations

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 20, 2012, 2:30 PM
  • Listening to: KobaUTAU - Flip Your World! (album)
  • Reading: a Hetalia doujin
  • Watching: HetaOni, mainly
  • Playing: HetaOni
  • Eating: Crêpes
  • Drinking: Water, of course

Good morning/afternoon everyone,

For those who followed the Livestream, you may already know, but there will be some huge transformations in the HETAONI ENGLISH next Version.

All changings are the result of technical issues and we worked hard to solve them.

_The Battle System was a face-to-face system with an Active Time Gauge. We changed it to a SIDE VIEW system (like in Final Fantasy VI).

_It means some animations will be slightly different, but nothing very important. The new system will be easier to battle with for newbies.

_ We added the PHS. Once you get more than 4 characters in your team during the game, you will be able to change their formation via the menu.

We obviously added some surprises, secrets etc... We just hope that you will be able to find them, ahahaha.

We strongly advise you to start your game over from the beginning, because so much changes might just cause heavy bugs if just continue your game.


There you will find informations about the project, the staff, credits, downloads and a solution of the game.

WATCH THE LIVESTREAM HERE (for the new battle system demo):

  • Listening to: NieR OST
  • Reading: a Hetalia FRUK or USUK doujin
  • Watching: HetaOni, mainly
  • Playing: HetaOni
  • Eating: Crêpes
  • Drinking: Water, of course…

Please use this spreadsheet to report any bugs, mistakes or mishappens in the game.

If you notice someone already reported the same bug as you, please don't submit it twice.

Thank you for supporting this project, and don't forget to share it on the internet. <;
  • Listening to: Hata Futte PARADE - all cast version
  • Reading: Bloody Monday, Persona 4, yaoi stuff
  • Watching: Hetalia APH &amp; World Series
  • Playing: HetaOni, Persona 2
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Orange ju... Bloody hell, it tastes like shit!!
I got so overwhelmed with the HetaOni project recently that I even forgot to write a journal about it, but...

I did mention that I was French, right?

So, here's how my day went on:
_Coding for HetaOni, suddenly decides to take a look at Skype
_Open Skype
_Finds out the following, talking with a french friend of mine:

Friend: _"Heyo, you, I saw you released your UTAUloid's voicebank two days agp, but you didn't even mention it? How could you keep such a historical event secret?"
Me: _"... Hi--sto... rical? C'mon, girl, it's just an UTAU, and he's not even popular!! XD"
Friend: _"Wait, you didn't even notice? You used your own reclist to make the french voicebank you released, yes?"
Me: "_... Yes I did, but why being so excited about it? No one gives a fuck about french UTAUs anyway."
Friend: _"Holy derp, Piano', didn't you even realize that your reclist was the only FULL FRENCH CV reclist in the whole fucking UTAU world!?"
Me: "*very awkward silence*
Friend: "_... Helloooo? You still here?"
Me: _"Well, now that you mention it, it was precisely because there was no full cv french reclists that I wrote my own. But, again, why U so excited?"
Friend: "_Hellooo Mc Fly!? You just released the very first fucking full french-speaking UTAU voicebank in the whole frucking UTAU history!! Sounds like a FRUCKING GOOD REASON to be excited for me!!"
Me: "_... Mother of God. O___o"

And the fact is, she was right.
In two seconds, I realized three things:
_I had just done something great without even noticing it.
_No one actually gave a fuck about it.
_And then came that awkward moment when you realize your only almost-known works are a MMD PV and a game demo. Both about Hetalia.

Fuck it, no one cares about french language anymore anyway. And even less dudes care about french-speaking synthetic singers.
My friend kept trying to convince me that "If they can care about a freaking 90% male hermaphrodite with ponytails and a 6 year-old red-head crossdresser, then they can care about a genderless blind dude/girl with an eyewatch on the eye and who FUCKING speaks french!!"

Thank you for trying to keep my mood in a good shape today, girl. It absolutely didn't work, but it was worth the try.

I remained silent a veeeeery long moment after that, playing around with my UTAU MMD model and secretly swearing that (s)he would definitively make more cameo apparitions in my MMD Hetalia-related videos, if it was the only way to see him/her being at least seen once. Oh, and I swear this world needs more french utaus. I'm not only speaking about myself, but as a huge fan of Kriss Futarine (first french utau ever), I'm getting desesperate of seeing more of him...
Then I thought of myself as someone who definitively needed more sleep.

I closed the HetaOni stuff and rushed to my bed.



So, whad wazz all zis fuq about?
Ciel Sekaine's ACT3 FULL FRENCH VB was released like, three days ago, and I did not even mention it.
Shame on me.

And for the love of God, check my other works, not just HetaOni or Hetalia stuff. I'm proud to say that I'm one hell of a singer and a good drawer (despite my almost disabled wrists and eyes), but fuck that shit, I don't even have a decent microphone or Photoshop coloring skills to prove it.
... And by the way, I play the piano like a boss, codes games, play video games, write fanfics and draw yaoi. With both disabled hands.

With love from THE AWESOME FRANCE.
  • Listening to: Hata Futte PARADE - all cast version
  • Reading: Bloody Monday
  • Watching: Hetalia World Series
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I opened my own LiveStream page!
I'll be mainly working on HetaOni, but I can also make MMD screenshots to upload and/or work with my UTAUloids.


If you want to take a look at the making-of of the HETAONI ENGLISH version. ;)

Session start (18/01) 21.00 PM, ended 1.00 AM
Session start (19/01)13.00 PM, ended 13.30 PM
Session start (19/01) 21.40 PM, ended 1.15 AM
Session start (20/01) 15.15 PM, ended 16.00 PM
Session start (20/01) 21.40 PM, ended 0.45 AM.
Session start (21/01) 15.00 PM, ended 16.30 PM
Session start (21/01 evening event, v3.0.0 release) 21.20 PM: STARTED.

Well I live in France so it means it would usually be around ... well, during the afternoon for North America, and at evening for Europe.

DON T FORGET TO CHECK IT OUT OFTEN, and you will eventually get to see me live-working.
You can also re-watch the events I recorded on the channel, I spoke a bit in some of them.

_Don't hesitate to express yourself in the chat box, ask questions etc...
_Don't. flood. it makes my computer lag.
_Don't try to peek at every event I'm creating, I might include some surprise-events or hidden object in rooms.

See you guys around! =)
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Hello everyone!

So, first of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! To all my watchers, to all my friends on the Web and IRL, and to all those who will read those lines, I wish you a very happy and joyful Christmas. ♥

And as a Christmas gift, I have made this:…

This is a Miku MIku Dance PV about Hetalia/HetaOni with the song " Rolling Oni". It's kinda messy and not really good, but I enjoyed doing it.
(Check my dA gallery for more informations)

And my to-do list for the next days:
_audition to act as Francis Bonnefoy (France) in the HetaOni fandub project
_re-oto Ciel Sekaine's ACT2
_finish to record Ciel Sekaine's ACT3 French VB. (almost 80% done yet)
_re-mix and re-upload NiKO Kajetano's cover of "Einsamkeit"
_CG requests: Poland + Lithuania talking about painting Steve in pink (but I don't have any good models for them... >___>), and also maybe a Christmas/Winter special CG serie.
_UTAU PV: finish NiKORU & Hibiki's artworks to make the song PV and release it.
_finish the french version of Kimi Ga Iru Kara

And my Santa Claus list is:
Dear Santa, for this Christmas to be wonderful, I would like:
_myst-saphyr to finish Ciel Sekaine's official artwork
_someone to make a MMD model for him
_and also someone to make a MMD model for NiKORU & NiKO Kajetano (…)
_NiKO Kajetano to be finally officially "released" as an official KOBALOiD and get his official page and artwork.
_Tomoyoshi to make HetaOni's chapter 17.
_Hidekazu Himaruya to draw a next volume of Hetalia
_and the season 4 of Hetalia to be subbed or released in Europe! ♥
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  • Eating: Cookies! and Mandarines
  • Drinking: Water, most likely XD
Yes, they have been released yesterday! :heart:

Name: NiKORU/NiKO Cajetano
Age: 12
Gender: seriously? Female for the default voicebank NiKORU.
Voice type: Clear, alto-ish, slightly rolling R's, capable of singing very fast.
Genderbend?: NiKO Cajetano, with flag B0g+15
Model: KOBALOiD 01 (K01 printed on her left hand)
Voicebank type: CV ACT2
Languages: Japanese
Appends: non yet.
OTO.ini presence?: YES
FRQ files?: YES
Appearence: (it's NiKORU, NiKO's design will follow soon)
Voicebank download:…

NiKORU (and her genderbend NiKO) were voiced by me, oto'd by CrazyNova and produced by Ush0u.
They are half Filipino/half Japanese.

Slight critique: At first I was sceptical regarding that voicebank, but after hearing a demo... I can confirm that it's an excellent voicebank. The oto is very well tuned and will allow everyone even starting users to use NiKORU easily and without any bugs or sound crashes. :)

Demo songs (on Soundcloud, click the little flash player to hear the song):
_ NiKORU - Ura Omote Lovers:…
_NiKO - Einsamkeit:…
I finally gathered my courage and registered on Deviantart!
I may not be a great illustrator or animator, but I'll give it my best!! ^^