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Monochrome I [Ballpen Boredom]



Bored as fuck in Computer class. My machine died like, 20 minutes after the class started so I couldn't really work during the two hours.

So I grabbed my agenda (yes, you know, the ones with lined paper and 15*16 format paper XD) and the first, ugly, unfitting black ballpen that was at my reach and started doodling.

I had nothing in mind when I started, but this is truly the first time I draw DIRECTLY with ballpen without any preparation sketch...

And I tried a sort of shading using crossed lines on various places of the coat... Meh, it looks both weird AND depressing now.

That coat was made up on the moment... It looks fucked up lol.
And Francis is indeed smoking. Smokers characters are just the classiest thing ever. Even though I have a viral hatred for tabacco and cigarettes IRL, smoking in art is just SDGHSJKGDSLH ♥

And seriously, there's not enough "serious" fanarts of France. He's always either the joker and/or the pervy.
Come on guys, let's all grow up and enjoy a sad Francis (and don't mind the name, my handwriting is awful). ♥

On a side note, I LOVE how his face came out. It's my headcanon when I draw him: manly with some feminine traits. Like the shoulders and the chin are indeed not androgynous at all, but the beauty of the face makes Francis so cool and unique! ♥

THIS IS THE ORIGINAL DRAWING. I only edited the lines of the papers out.


_download and colorize this artwork
_upload your colorized version
_give critiques and whatever else on this

But credit me and don't go pretending you did it.

Other Drawing with ballpen:

Arthur Kirkland aka England/UK

So, go on and critique! I like how this came out, but it's very messy. Even for an adult style.
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