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Secret Santa Wishlist!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 16, 2013, 2:24 PM
I like doing secret santas, they're fun everytime I do them. So, this is a journal for such! Now, I wanna enter at least 2, but have only found one that interests me, so if you guys have any others you think I'd like (or wanna take the chance at getting free art from me), send me a link! Onto the list!

List for :…


Be Ready To Turn Away by pianobelt0 Order number 3 up by pianobelt0 Gold by pianobelt0

♦ Info ♦
Blubell is usually happy or timid, trying hard in most situations.
Her hair is long and brown, reaching just past her knees when hanging down.
She has a blue orchid sprouting from the back of her neck. (This is kinda important, so please don't forget it!)
Clothes are usually casual and flowey, if not alittle girly.

Pariah & Nehkii

Sleepy Time by pianobelt0 Its called a lobotomy by pianobelt0 Pariah Thread by pianobelt0 nehkii hypus by gay-z0mbie trolls by gay-z0mbie

♦ Info ♦
Nehkii belongs to gaybies-R-us/gay-z0mbie
Pariah's left eye and the corners of her mouth are sewn shut.
Nehkii is always sleepy.
Pariah is very bubbly, and alittle socially awkward.
Nehkii is SUPER tall.

Me and Katie

Chibime by pianobelt0 pixel commission 3, 4, 5 by RileyAV :thumb345366702: :thumb346805533:

♦ Info ♦
Katie is gaybies-R-us/gay-z0mbie
She's the one with the mustache. I'm the one with the really short hair.
She commonly wears a purple hoodie and jeans.
I commonly wear a big red turtle neck and jeans.
She only has dots for eyes.
My eyebrows are huge.

There ya go, hope that works!

Skin by Infinite705 (modified by pianobelt0)
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Submitted on
November 16, 2013