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Please consider commissioning these pals of mine who are offering p cheap commissions right now! If you can't, please spread the word!

:icongay-z0mbie: - Her Prices:…

:iconinemisol: - Her Prices:  -+:IneMiSol Commissions info:+- by IneMiSol

Thank you!


So it is very rare that I offer free artwork. Like VERY rare. But I thought this might be a good chance to do it. 

As you all probably know, I'm a mod of :iconsweetsfactory:. Though we've got pretty good numbers, they're unbalanced when comparing the departments for workers in the factory. Some departments are way high and others are extremely low (and about to get lower when the new month comes due to inactivity). 

So what's my plan and how can you get some free art? Here's the deal:

I don't want to give out a free chibi to just anyone who signs up and makes an app for the group, especially if you're not active. See this as a sort of incentive for being a good member like we'd hope for. 

Here's how you can get a free Chibi from me of your SF character:
- You can be a new member or a current member (this doesn't extend to anyone who wins the current raffle later on)
- You must go through the entire process of joining. That means reserving, making a decent app, and reading all our info. (Please, don't join cause you want the free art, this is mainly to be a motivator for ppl with some interest already.)
- You have to remain as an active member for a month. I'm not just gonna draw free stuff for someone to die off. This means submitting art, being an active member in the discord chat, and participating in events. 
- You must join one of these departments:

I will keep a list of everyone who joins for this incentive! I'll monitor you and see if you meet these qualifications by August and will make good on my promise. If you manage to become an integrated member of SF you'll get your character drawn. 

This isn't meant to be some quick and easy way of getting free stuff. I want people who will actually care about our group and be active. 

Good luck.

Tagged SMH

Sat May 20, 2017, 5:10 PM

Tagged by pilotbites squints angrily</strike>

♠ R U L E S ♠

1.Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2.Write 13 things about yourself.
3.Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4.Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
5.Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
6.It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (how dare you do this to me)
7.Tag backs are allowed.
8.If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you. (Ignore plz)</sub>

♠ 13 R A N D OM * F A C T S ♠

1. I am v short, like 5" short.
2. I hate warm temperatures, I'd rather it be cold outside so I can wrap myself in 1000 blankets.
3. I'm very picky about TV shows and anime and stuff. 
4. Haven't I been to the movies in like... 3 years?
5. I have 2 cats technically, but I take care of a 3rd in my house who is basically mine. :|
6. I have a horrible addiction to stickers and zines. 
7. I don't have a specific genre of music I prefer. I'm open to everything.
8. I have at least 5 stories I plan on turning into comics when I get confidence. 
9. Once I find a show I like, if I can, I binge at least several times a month,,,,,
10. I have horrible insomnia and can't sleep without medication.
11. My gay heart can't handle touching stories or cute romantic relationships, even though I myself have no interest in relationships.
12. I'm blunt af. 
13. I have an affinity for plants, stars, and sea life. 

♠ C H I S U ' S * Q U E S T I O N S ♠

1. What's better: tropical or temperate?
    Temperate I guess?

    I,,,don't know anything about,, LoL,,

3. Do you believe in Spongebob (Imagination) ?

4. Why is Versace on the floor? Can't it be Gucci?

5. If you were given the voice of Morgan Freeman, what's the first thing you would say?

6. What was the last game you played?
    ,,,,something called CrushCrush //coughs

7. What if you were stuck in #6 as the character you chose??? would u survive

8. Which is better: the sweetheart turned yandere or the baby-faced sadist?
    UHHHH baby-faced sadist?????

9. Which HQ captain do u want to protect? is it ushijima cause pls the cow jokes,,,
    I don't,,, watch,,,,, HQ,,,,,, //cries

10. What's your favorite comic of all time?? Why??
    UHMMMMM TJ and Amal was rly good. Great art, great story, great progression. Overall just great. 

11. What is your ultimate comfort food???
    Triple Layered Chocolate Ice Cream from Haagen Das

12. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

13. If you could be famous for one thing,, what would it be?
    Constant resting bitch-face?

♠ M Y * Q U E S T I O N S ♠

1. Do you know what MPGIS is?,,,

2. Favorite flower and why?

3. If you could learn and become skilled in one talent or hobby, what would it be?

4. Do you remember your dreams?

5. Do you believe in the supernatural?

6. Winter or Summer?

7. Where's the #1 place you'd like to visit/live?

8. Long hair, short hair, or none?


10. Sour or sweet?

11. Do you embrace the gay?

12. What do you think of when you see the word "pickle?"

13. Scented soaps or candles?

Who I tag:

pilotbites (TAG BK HAHAHA), IneMiSol, McNagi, Albo-Beati7, gay-z0mbie, gh0stmoth, Cat-Bennie, ThirdPotato, Ookamarii, ArticusButthead, Princess-Hanners, NoyiiArts, and mangymuttt 


Art Trades?

Mon May 1, 2017, 9:58 AM
I made a status post but they don't seem to ever catch attention so I'll make a journal.

I'm thinking of accepting 2 art trades. If you're interested, comment with some examples of your work and I'll choose who I wanna trade with.

So idk really what this journal is for but I needed to get my thoughts out and I figured I could do it here. I guess I won't really be talking about personal things too much but I did wanna discuss just some thoughts I've had lately about future plans.

First of all, I keep looking back at MdF (which is closing completely soon, like officially down once they get my request for it) and looking over the comics and stuff and feeling a sense of pride and sense of shame. I still love the story, and of course I'll do something in the future with it, but looking back at just how meh my style was before in only a year of time is so weirdly depressing but reassuring to me?? I know it doesn't make sense, but whatever. 

I have all these plans of wanting to make these stories I have into webcomics but I feel like I keep going at it wrong. Are they too serious of stories, is my style even right for this, is this worth it, etc.. I want to do all these things but it either feels like there's never enough time or I'm completely in hate with my own work and it's just a constant roller coaster of meh to inspiration. I just don't know what to do I guess.

That leads into my next "point" of these future group ideas. One is a semi-casual ghost hunting group that would be a lot of fun and goofiness and the other is a possible casual group for flower gjinkas to try and give all the characters from MdF a new home? Something loose and easy and with a slight shoujo theme and stuff. But due to some recent events, I'm wondering if I even have the motivation or devotion to do anything. Am I gonna be able to do these comics or groups later on in the future? Or will I just produce another stupid failure that leads to disappointment? I don't know anymore, I just... Which I had some sort of ambition. I feel like I have confidence and then I prove myself wrong and I confuse myself. Nothing really makes sense to me and I'm just concerned about what kind of future I'm going to have if I can't even stick to an RP group on this website lol...

I guess that's all. 

Fanart Friday and other things!

Sat Feb 18, 2017, 9:53 AM
So I've been wanting to do this idea for awhile, but now I really need something to keep my hand busy in the mix of schoolwork and other shit I do during the week so I won't fall out of practice. I also have a goal of opening a shop eventually, whether it a redbubble or smth, or a tictail with premade prints, but I need stuff to sell! Most people prefer fanart for fandoms they're into and I really wanna get better at drawing fanart. 

So I'm going to try my best, to have a poll up on Sat/Sun for you all to vote on what will be the subject of Fanart Friday! Most of the time I'll be choosing the subjects to be voted on, but feel free to comment on this journal or the poll a fandom or character you'd like to suggest for me to do! (I am not actually a part of many fandoms lmao so I don't know many characters other than possible surface level.)

As well as Fanart Friday, I'm wanting to eventually start a patreon. I've been mulling over this since last year, because it's a bit of intimidating platform for me. If you were to sub to my patreon, what would you be wanting to see for whatever pledge you'd be willing to make?

Thanks for all the feedback!

Looking for an RP Group to join?

Thu Feb 9, 2017, 9:00 AM
TAKE A MOMENT TO READ PLEASE. I've gotten a few new watchers lately, so I'm pimping for this group yet again! 

If you're interested in a plot-oriented group with events nearly every month and with official comics that follow the group's story, this might interest you!


The characters you play in the group are candy folk, humans who have candy genes intermeshed with their own. The setting itself is a dystopian fantasy, your character is a worker in the Dulcet Laeta Factory, a candy factory that creates special medicinal bonbons which fend off outside pathogens and keep the people of Tanim, the candified city, alive and well. Your character can choose from a total of 7 departments to work in, each with a different needed skillset and tasks. 

Setting | Jobs | Character Creation

Event RPs take place in the group's Discord server (we moved to Discord because it's honestly much better than Skype), and we use random generators to decide which character in the rp will be affected by certain events (which affects the way the story develops and the story comics turn out). The group's store also offers a variety of items, from the regular character edits and second character slots to crystals you can prank friends with or use on your own character, that temporarily change certain aspects of your character! We try to get as much interaction as we can between the members, as well as the characters! Group submissions are art-only (no literature, sorry!), but every submission will earn you group points, which you can spend in the store. Event-related gallery submissions earn you an extra amount of points.

We're open for applications year-round, when all the job spots are filled we bump the cap number up so that more people can join! The mods and I put a lot of effort into this group and its events and story, and we'd love to get a few more members! <3

New Art Tumblr!

Mon Jan 2, 2017, 3:10 PM
As one of my New Year's resolutions, I've made an art exclusive tumblr.

Follow me there if you'd like! 

Do not manipulate people.

Tue Nov 15, 2016, 6:05 PM
I will put this as straightforward as possible.

If you dare to mess with a minor, manipulate them to date you and feel sorry for them, even going as far as to fake having a mental illness like MPD, then I can guarantee, I will take the side of the minor. I have been on the website since I was 12. I have seen friends get used and manipulated, and I have been used and manipulated. Many adult men flocked to me because I was a young girl. I know people who were preyed upon for their age and sex. Because these men thought they could manipulate them. 

This person has done just that. They used the fact that someone was a 14-year-old child who was trusting and manipulated that trust to benefit themselves. They emotionally abused them by faking a mental illness in order to get sympathy and attention from this person and when the child realized that they were only acting this way with them and brought it up, this person attacked them and claimed that they did not care about them. But even WITH these accusations, still requested their friendship. 

They also convinced this child to date them, who is an adult male, to date them online after this child had just gotten out of a relationship that lasted 8 months. Luckily this child made the decision to end said relationship after 3 days.

Because of this, and because this person is a culprit of constant ship-pushing and uncomfortable behavior towards minors, my friends and I had to make a decision to protect the members of the groups we mod over that I mentioned in the last journal.

When a minor's safety is put in jeopardy, I don't care about someone's defense anymore. I don't care what your side is, because when I presented with proof, from multiple sources, that you are a danger to young members of my group, you are no longer welcome. We ejected this person from the group, and they chose to argue with us.

Now they choose to make a dramatic post about how they have nothing and even push it as far as to claim suicidal intentions. I don't wish on anyone for them to be so depressed to the point of ending their lives, but I can't believe that it's really that severe when you take the time to make a full-fledged image and LINK IT TO THE CHILD THAT YOU PREYED UPON. If you feel JUST in trying to BLAME THIS CHILD for YOUR SCREW UPS, BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST YOU, GROW A PAIR. 

This child didn't throw you under the goddamn bus. This child had to be FORCED to talk to us about this problem because they were afraid of starting shit with you. THEY are the VICTIM and YOU are the MONSTER. I am friends with people have dealt with you before in the past, they know of your sick ass ways and what kind of person you really are. You are disgusting. You are a manipulator. And what we chose was for the benefit of our groups and the safety of our members. So to you, the only thing I can say, is if you're ACTUALLY in a bad place, THEN GET SOME HELP LIKE AN ADULT. If you want to wallow in your pathetic sorrows instead of going to resources that are available over the internet and in real life for these issues, if you need to MANIPULATE AND USE a child to make yourself FEEL BETTER, than there is no help for you.

Group Plugging Post Ayyyy

Tue Nov 15, 2016, 11:45 AM
So I've spoken about both of these groups before and I'm going to do so again. My friends and I put a lot of work into both groups via making graphics for it, making comics to move along the intricate plots, and making fun and involving events for the members to participate in.

The first group is the one I'm the founder of, :iconmaison-de-fleurs:

This group is set in an RPG Fantasy type world of Magnoliophyta, where the flower gjinka people (member's characters) are living in 5 sectored kingdoms, all of which is kept protected behind giant enclosed walls. There's an underlying plot that moves along the story in the group, illustrated through comics and addressed in group RPs via Skype. 

We put A LOT of work into creating the story and comics and giving an adventure filled RP during plot RPs. I'd love it if more people were to join and watch the story unfold.

The second group is :iconsweetsfactory:.

This group is set in a dystopian future where human genes are now tainted with traces of candy, creating the candy gjinka characters in the group. Several years have passed since the start of this mutation, and in today's setting, the land of Tanim has grown used to this. In order to stay healthy, the citizens consume Bon Bons created by the Dulce Laeta Factory, owned by the elusive Sweet, a man shrouded in mystery but seen as a savior of the candy people. This is where the characters in the group work. 

Again, we work hard to make comments and fun filled events for the members, as well as having a plot that moves the story along in the group. 

Almost all of the same people work on both groups, and we do our work well. We each have skills that contribute to the overall group and it makes us quite the powerful team to do so.

I know that the format of our groups is a bit different than what people are used to, but I think it's such an interesting method to bring a plot story to an interactive level while keeping member interest. Please give them both a look if you can, we'd love to see more people join!


Mon Sep 19, 2016, 4:40 PM

Help Someone Who Could Really Use It

Thu Aug 25, 2016, 6:52 PM
8bit-Mau5 has been trying to reach a goal to help themselves and their family out because of some serious hard times. They only have a few more days to reach their goal, so any help you can give them will be much appreciated. 

So hi

Wed Jun 29, 2016, 2:10 PM
I've been really thinking about drawing up some adoptables but idk what of. 

I wanna do maybe some gemsona designs, and maybe themed monster type things? Or maybe gjinka adopts? If you've got any suggestions, lmk in the comments. I'm in a design-y mood.


Sat Jun 11, 2016, 2:32 PM
I deleted those journals cause ppl be crying over nothing and I'm tired of getting alerts from them. Hopefully the fucks that got mad about it get lost, cause I don't rly want you following me anyway.


In other news, that new core feature is weird and sort of glitchy? I know its probably still getting worked on but it likes to freak out sometimes. And I didn't know it would show when someone views your profile, I thought it was just comments and favs.


Sat May 14, 2016, 11:29 AM


Fri May 13, 2016, 10:20 AM
Yes! With a few of my friends, we've come together to bring an idea I've had for a very long time to life as an RP group! 

The group is :iconmaison-de-fleurs: and as you can probably guess, the main theme of the group is Flower Gjinkas!

Its set in a fantasy based world where flowers are given sentient life and are battling a dark force while living their daily lives. The group will have events, both group-wide and kingdom specific! Its a Skype based rp group as well.

There's going to be story arcs, and comics, and I hope it'll be very interactive and interesting to ride with us as the story of this world unfolds. 

Right now we're taking reservations for kingdoms, so that you can guarantee yourself a spot in a kingdom. Once reservations close, we'll be doing app checks and those who reserve will be looked at first. (So I'd suggest to start working on your app as well.)

After reserves, we'll look at anyone else who wants to join's app if we have spots open in that kingdom. 

I'm very excited for this, and would appreciate spreading the word to others you think would be interested.


advice? maybe? idk

Tue Apr 19, 2016, 8:23 AM
so i guess just some advice from my point of view, as I've seen a lot of ppl dealing with this. 

Don't feel like you need to draw 24/7. Will you improve if you draw alot, yes. But only if you're into what you're drawing. If you don't feel like drawing and then you force yourself, you won't make any progress and just make yourself hate doing it more.

Please only draw when you want, and when you feel like it. Believe me, I've been in that place before. I wouldn't draw for months.

Improvement is great, but it's not worth the price of your own mental health. :)


Wed Apr 13, 2016, 5:35 PM
sick during finals weeks :   )

idk fuck

Thu Mar 24, 2016, 6:04 PM

streaming stuff idk