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SF: Zoe by pianobelt0 SF: Zoe by pianobelt0

:heart: rvmp Basic info: :heart: rvmp 

Name: Zoe Saverson
Age: 26 years old
Job: Business Department Manager
Sweet: Lifesavers Hard Candy

:heart: rvmp  Personal Info/Background: :heart: rvmp 

Height: 5'5 (5'7 in heels)
DOB: May 8th
Features: Glasses, long hair, circle earings
Likes: Bright colors, baby animals, vintage items/clothes, interesting designs, glitter pens
Dislikes: Rude people, bugs, bland colors, bitter tastes, cold weather
Fears: Bugs, drowning, small spaces


★ Clumsy ★ Caring ★ Unorganized ★ Nerdy ★ Energetic ★ Zelous ★

Zoe is very passionate about her job. She's a "no-nonsense" type of person, always focussed on an end goal and getting her shit done. She isn't a fan of children, or child-like people (which leads to fights with certain co-workers). Though she has this sort of go-getter attitude, she's horribly unorganized. She knows where everything is, but to anyone else, a tornado might as well have swept through her office. She swears she has a handle on it. We're still skeptical. 
Zoe also has a sort of affinity for books and sci-fi. The technology and stories drive her imagination, and so she can't help but get a bit obsessed at times. She's also a bit of a clutz. She's constantly dropping things, tripping, or running into stuff. 


Zoe is the first and only child of Melissa and Adam Saverson. She was adored by her parents, growing up in a very loving and close household. Any hobby she chose to pursue was excitedly supported by her parents. This gave Zoe a strong sense of confidence that seems to still be with her in her adult years. 
Because of all these hobbies, Zoe has quite a few random skills that more or less are helpful when needed, including athleticism and ability to play the piano. She's always had a mind for science and mathematics, and her leadership skills were a natural talent of hers. She led many clubs and organizations while in high school.
In Zoe's third year of college, her father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died only a few months after his diagnosis, the treatments not being able to slow down the cancer's growth. This sent Zoe into a period of depression. She stopped going to classes, cut off ties with people, and for awhile seemed to just disappear. It was with luck and a bit of therapy that she returned for her final year of college. It was a battle, and though she's still learning to cope with stress better (considering right now that seems to be a quick smoke. Ironic, I know), she's getting over the hill slowly. The help of friends and loved ones has helped her tremendously, and she seems to have done well enough to be successful in her work so much as to climb the ranks and become Business Department Manager. 

Edit 5/2/2016: Began dating Puckett Tolle on April 2, 2016

:heart: rvmp Abilities: :heart: rvmp 

Powers: Thanks to the hard candy genes, Zoe has slightly stronger bones than some others.

Skills and strengths: Zoe has minimal self-defense skills thanks to training from her boyfriend. She's a quick learner, being rather adaptable, and always seems to have an abundance of energy.

Weaknesses: Zoe is horribly clumsy, and air headed. She can be very forgetful since her minds all over the place. She's also color blind and therefore wears her tinted glasses to correct colors.

Item/Weapon: A lipstick taser she keeps on her that her boyfriend gave her.

:heart: rvmp Roleplay info: :heart: rvmp 

Skype: Please note me for my skype if you want to roleplay. 
((I won't roleplay this character with anyone not in the group.))

Preferences: I'm good with most anything EXCEPT:


I can do lit/script, though prefer lit. Notes/skype are okay, no comments, please.

FidgetAwesomeSauce Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
She's adorbs!

:icondatassplz: DEM LEGS! I suck at drawing legs....
Miss-Plain-Jane Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016
Ahhhh look at Zoe all professional <3 <3
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