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SF: Pip App by pianobelt0 SF: Pip App by pianobelt0
Pink Tiny Candy bullet Basic Info: Pink Tiny Candy bullet 

Penelope "Pip" Hendrickson
Age: 19 years old
Job: Techie
Sweet: Strawberry flavored Pop Rocks

Pink Tiny Candy bullet Personal Info/Background: Pink Tiny Candy bullet 

barely 5 ft
DOB: November 7th
Features: Bright pink freckles, goggles, gap/missing tooth
Likes: mechanics, tools, fighting, kung fu movies, hot drinks
Dislikes: cry babies, water, strong smells, hospitals, skirts
Fears: hospitalization, severely hurting someone


✪ Destructive ✪ Energetic ✪ Chipper ✪ Childish ✪ Spunky ✪ Hyper ✪

Pip is normally all over the place when it comes to her work. She absolutely loves creating and engineering, and dedicates herself to studying and practicing it. She has a very spunky and childlike way of acting, and can normally be percieved being much younger than her actual age. She tries to shake off bad thoughts and focus on positivity, always making a joke or smiling to delude a poor situation. Along with her love for technology, she's passionate about fighting. She's willing to take on anyone who'll put up a good fight against her. Her rambuctious actions do tend to land her in trouble, normally having a few explosions before a new project comes to life properly. She has a very poor memory when it comes to names, and often just nicknames people on the spot with a trait that stands out most about them to her. Her spunkiness also lands her in trouble with other people, as she'll speak her mind first before thinking about what she's saying. She's very independent, and prefers doing things on her own without other people's help.


Pip was an accident, given life by Carla Hasek and Gerald Hendrickson. Carla was a peppermint candy and when finding out to be pregnant, prayed that the child would be too. Sadly, Pip was born as a Pop Rocks candy, like her father, and the couple made the decision to give her up. The reason for this, is Gerald, being a pop rocks, had a very poor immune system and was susceptible to many injuries, like any other pop rocks. They knew that providing for her properly would be a struggle and hoped she could find a family who would be better suited to take care of her. 

Unfortunately, Pip ended up in the care of an orphanage, and was very sheltered when she was young as the workers knew of her condition and were afraid of her getting ill or hurt. Most of the time she wasn't allowed to play with the children, and if she was, it wasn't for very long. It wasn't until Pip was 8 that she learned something new about herself: She was incredibly strong. Although she was so tiny and supposedly frail, she had immense strength, that she discovered when looking for something and picking up an entire bed doing so.

She kept this a secret from the workers, fearing their reactions. In the meantime, although she didn't hang out with many kids of her own age, the younger ones were always around and easier for her to be around since they weren't as "rough." The orphanage wasn't a very rich facility, so often would the old toys children played with break. When a toy train broke while some younger boys tugged over it, Pip took on the idea of fixing it. She snuck the tool box from the storage closet and diddled with it til she got it working. This sparked her love and interest for creating and fixing technology and machinery. 

As she grew older, the more the orphanage workers were able to trust her and she was soon looked on as the others were. Pip would impress others with her strength, and make new toys out of scraps she'd find in the alleyways and back roads near the orphanage. Through these outings, she found a gadget shop ran by an older man and it soon became her favorite place in the world. She'd go there every chance she got to look at the new tools, tech, and converse with the owner about ideas and tips. He taught her further about creating and engineering, even lending her books for her to study on her own. 

When Pip reached her teenage years, she knew the time was coming to leave the orphanage and it was scaring her. Never having a family, it was all she knew, and she would need to look for ways to support herself. Some of the other orphans, older ones, introduced her to street fighting, knowing of her ability. She became completely indulged, enjoying the thrill of something so dangerous and risky, especially for her. She learned a lot from others about different fighting techniques, new moves, and was doing swell until one competitor caught her off guard and landed one in her face, knocking out her tooth. The hit was a major shock, and he soon finished her off, winning the fight, and leaving her with a broken arm and various bruises and cuts. 

Pip then had a new goal, she wanted to reclaim that win. The idea of losing brought forward a fear of being weak, being helpless like she was taught to be. She spent her time recovering building, making a new weapon from various parts and pieces she could find, and giving herself gauntlets that could better focus her strength. When she had healed, she challenged the same fighter.

With her new weapons, she was able to take a win easily but almost ended the boy's life. If it hadn't been for a friend stopping her, she would've gone too far. An ambulance had to be called, and the real fear set in for her. She never wanted to bring someone to that point again, and swore she never would. 

Her 18th birthday was approaching and she had to find a place to go, somewhere to work and support herself. She asked the gadget shop owner if he had any ideas, and he mentioned the factory, where they could need help building and fixing machinery there and provided housing. Pip jumped on the chance within the next year...

Pink Tiny Candy bullet Abilities: Pink Tiny Candy bullet 

Because of her genes, being a small candy that really packs a punch. Pip has emmense strength despite her size, and can lift something that weighs 3x her own weight.
Skills and strengths: Pip is very handy in fixing and engineering, and even without a proper education, excells in calculation and technological science. 
Weaknesses: Because of Pip's genes, she has very little defense. A common cold can have her bed ridden, and a small paper cut could bleed for an hour, so she has to be careful about injuring herself. 
Item/Weapon: Pip's hand made power gauntlets, that are locked away in her gloves. ( Image of them here. )

Pink Tiny Candy bullet Roleplay Info: Pink Tiny Candy bullet 
This character is made for a specific roleplay group and therefore will only be roleplayed with characters from said group.

Skype: Please note me for my skype if you want to roleplay. 

Preferences: I'm good with most anything EXCEPT:


I can do lit/script, though I prefer lit. Notes/skype are okay but no comments please. 

My second for :iconsweet-factory: ; )

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