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SF: Max Geralds by pianobelt0 SF: Max Geralds by pianobelt0
Basic Information

Name: Maximum "Max" Andrew Geralds
Age: 18 19
Gender/Sex: Male
Job: Delivery
Sweet: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bubble Gum

Personal Information/Background

Height: 5'11"
DOB: March 24
Features: Bright green hair, dimples, piercings in both ears, chin, tongue, and other places.
Likes: video games, pick up lines, neon/bright colors, napping, raves
Dislikes: whining/bitching, actual work, hot weather, spicy food, floral smells
Fears: being hung upside down, violence

◆ Snarky ◆ Relaxed ◆ Unmotivated ◆ Perverse ◆ Blunt ◆ Dorky ◆
Max is what one would describe as a bit of a douchebag. He loves messing with people, through harmless pranks or teasing. His favorite pass time is flustering those around him via pick up lines. He's very well known for making perverse comments about others, but he'd never take it any further than that. He can be quite snarky, not missing a beat when it comes to catching someone in a mistake. He's fairly unmotivated, has always been since starting high school, but this doesn't mean he's unintelligent. He's actually pretty smart, but never really acts on it. He has a chill relaxed nature of being, often going with the flow of situations and hardly ever getting actually mad/angry. He can be quite a dork when on the right topic, like video games. He's also quick to state his mind, not really thinking through what he should say first. 

Max was born a hybrid candy from the mix of his birth parents. His time from birth to about age 6 he doesn't like to talk about or remember very often. It was a hard time for him, riddled with poor upbringing and abuse. He was orphaned at 6 after his father attempted a murder-suicide, his victim being his mother.
After being put into the care of an orphanage, he stayed there for about 3 years. They weren't anything special, the orphanage wasn't a rich one or anything, so his growing up there relied on those around him. He bonded with a few, including a girl who took him in like her own sibling and helped watch over him. When he turned 9, he was luckily adopted by a well-to-do family of sugar cookies. 
As he grew up, even though he was supported thoroughly by his adoptive parents, Max lost interest in... everything. With the exeption of a few minor hobbies, things like homework, class, extracurriculars, and so on had no appeal to him. Because of this, Max was always getting by through school on mediocre grades. They stayed high enough to be passing because he understood the material fine and would excel in tests, but he never did homework or extra projects unless it was forced on him. This worried his adoptive parents, who would do their best to try and motivate him, and put him in various activities year round in an attempt to inspire him. Nothing seemed to work though, and over time, they simply accepted how he was. 
When he turned 18 and graduated high school, his parents told him he should think about finding a job. On a whim, he applied to Dulcet Laeta, and by luck certainly, was accepted into the Delivery Wing. 


Powers: Max can stretch any part of his body to incredible lengths! But the cool down of this gets slower and slower the longer he stretches. 

Skills and strengths
- Smart
- Agile
- Sharp-witted
- Physically weak
- No motivation 
- Asshole
Item: Scooter

Roleplay Information

This character is made for a specific roleplay group and therefore will only be roleplayed with characters from said group.

Skype: pianobelt
Discord: pianobelt#0975

Roleplay Preferences: 
I'm good with most anything EXCEPT:


I can do lit/script, though I prefer lit. Notes/skype are okay but no comments, please. 
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October 31, 2017
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