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SF: Amelie Cambern by pianobelt0 SF: Amelie Cambern by pianobelt0
Name: Amelie Cambern
Nickname: Ami, Ami-chii
Age: 21
Gender/Sex: Female
Job: Concoctionist
Sweet: Oozing Eyeballs Marshmallow Candy (Gorey Grape Flavor)
Height: 4'10" (taller depending on her shoes)
DOB: December 13
Features: Purple skin, pointed ears, X pupils, left fang sticks out.

Likes: ANIME, pastels, creepy things, horror films/shows, sweet stuff, squishy things, her sisters, monsters, baras
Dislikes: PPL BEING MEAN TO HER SISTERS, real flowers, math/science, early mornings, being alone, being scolded, adulting
Fears: Losing her sisters, being alone

Eye Bow  Personality: Eye Bow 
Tini Eye Childish Tini Eye Airheaded Tini Eye Nerdy  Tini Eye Kindhearted Tini Eye Stubborn Tini Eye Energetic  Tini Eye 
Ami is very energetic and childish. She's almost always supported by her sisters who are more put-together. She prefers to take it easy and not worry about much, usually meaning that she forgets about important things (adulting isn't her forte). Even her manner of speaking, appearance, and voice supports this childlike aura. She's a huge nerd, especially for anime. She loves to binge watch series and obsess over characters. Her room could be its own store tbh. She tends to attach to specific characters as her 'husbandos' and 'waifus' and then get everything she can of them. She's very sweet natured and really never does harm to others nor wishes it. She doesn't have a violent bone in her body. 
She was never what you'd call a 'top student.' Honestly its sometimes amazing that she passed school. It's not that she's dumb per se, but can't focus long enough unless she really cares about the subject (which most things in school she definitely did not). Because of her childish nature, she can often be problematic for those around her. She can be picky, pouty, and stubborn. She doesn't worry about too many things, therefore leaving them for other people to worry about. She's not that responsible. She's also incredibly stubborn when the right problem is presented. If she sets her mind on something, good luck changing that. 

Eye Bow  History: Eye Bow 
Ami is the oldest of triplets, though from birth it never really seemed that way. She was always the smallest, and very dependent on her sisters and family. Because of their tight-knit personality and her shyness as a child, she didn't really have any friends. Most kids growing up found the three of them rather odd. It wasn't too depressing though because three was plenty. They did everything and anything together, sharing several interests and wants even as they grew older. 
There was a scary moment when she was younger that sparked her serious fear of being left alone. It wasn't anything major, in retrospect. When they were pretty young, all three were playing in the park. Ami managed to get separated by following a duck and before she knew it, she was alone. She sobbed loudly for a long time until her sisters found her again. 
It was thanks to her sisters and some acquaintances that Ami passed high school. They managed to get her to sit down and take things a bit more seriously near the end. She wasn't a perfect student, in fact far from it, but was passable. Though most academic subjects she did poorly in, she did great in recreational electives! Specifically home-ec. She loved cooking and baking and sewing and so on! It was a great way to calm down for her, and to focus on the process. (It also helped with her math abilities since baking is a bit more precise. Belle helped her realize this.) 
Once they were graduated their parents helped them look around for jobs. Because of their bond, the sisters didn't really want to separate even in their adult lives. When they found out that there were positions open at Dulcet Laeta, they were quick to apply. However, Ami applied for a slightly different position from her sisters due to the qualifications needed. Luckily, the positions seemed to be in connection with each other, and it wasn't too long before they got their interview and jobs at the factory! (Their parents are so proud.)

Abilities: Her blood is purple and seems to be thicker than normal blood.

Tini Eye 
Great at baking/cooking
Tini Eye  Hardworking 
Tini Eye Very kind
Tini Eye Pretty coordinated, surprisingly.

Tini Eye 
Total airhead.
Tini Eye  Not physically strong
Tini Eye Can be pretty childish
Tini Eye  Codependent AF

Item: N/A

- VA:…
- Taught herself Xyphenese
- Obsessed with the occult


Roleplay Information

This character is made for a specific roleplay group and therefore will only be roleplayed with characters from said group.

Skype: pianobelt
Discord: pianobelt#0975

Roleplay Preferences: 
I'm good with most anything EXCEPT:


I can do lit/script, though I prefer lit. Notes/skype are okay but no comments, please. 

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