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SC: Ivette Rodriguez by pianobelt0 SC: Ivette Rodriguez by pianobelt0
Name: Ivette Rodriguez
Age: 18
Sex/Gender: Female
Nationality: Spanish
Likes: Adventure, Bats, Rodents, Bright Colors, Floral Scents, Coffee
Dislikes: Sitting still, Paperwork, Dull colors, Musky smells, Waiting, Downers


Ivette was born in England to Maria and Conrad Rodriguez. Her mother was from Spain and her father from Nother America, having met in college. Ivette was raised by her Father and Older Brother, her mother having died when she was 2 years old. She has a close relationship with both her father and brother because of this. Growing up, she was very tomboyish in nature. Very little creeped her out or disgusted her, making the more feminine girls in school find her odd as a child. She got along perfectly with masculine boys and other tomboyish girls though. As she grew older, she always aspired to be like her father. She'd read his books, listen to his stories over and over again, and follow him around. Her brother didn't really like this. Her brother often blamed their father for their mother's death and moved out immediately once he was 18, pursuing a legal education at a far-off university. Ivette and her brother still keep in touch, and he does come home to visit her but doesn't speak to their father anymore. 
Against her brother's wishes and pleadings, when Ivette turned 18 she immediately applied for their father's company, SpectreCorp. It didn't take long for her to get accepted. 

First Capture Story:

Ivette's first capture happened her junior year of high school. Her fascination with bats stemmed from an interest in vampires as a child, and therefore she very often would go into the woods and look for bats to capture. She wouldn't torture them or anything, simply make them smell garlic to see if one would change into a vampire. If they didn't change within 5 minutes, she knew they were just a bat and would let them go. One night, on one of her hunts she spotted a bat larger than others she'd seen before. Determined to catch it, she spent the whole night following it around and trying to bait it into traps. She finally succeeded while the bat was distracted by a horse it saw, catching it in her father's hunting net that she "borrowed." Using the garlic trick like before, the bat actually changed from its current form to that of a rather annoyed pale man, glaring angrily at her. She was so elated, she took this catch back to her father to gloat. Her father had to apologize to the man, give him something as compensation and made her let him go. 

Straight-Forward * Confident * Energetic * Impatient * Insensitive * Impulsive * 

Ivette has a serious drive when it comes to her goals. She always has her eye on the prize, and practically nothing can deter her from this once she's settled her mind on it. This usually leads to her not thinking things through, and can often end in a haphazardly made plan. She has strong confidence in herself and her abilities, having a slightly inflated ego. She's pretty insensitive to others, not really picking up on their worries or emotions during most situations. She's all about go-go-going and doesn't really like sitting still for too long. She excelled in sports and physical activity in school, but when it came to sitting down and doing paperwork she'd practically fall asleep or clock out. This impatience means she has a very impulsive nature, not ever taking time to be cautious and more likely jumping headfirst into situations. 

Link to Level Card: 
SC: Ivette Level Card by pianobelt0
JakeAStrife Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017  Professional Writer
Even the fingerprint! Well done! ;-)
ERA-7 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
The talent has no limits and I think it's about you! Deviantart is nothing without such people as you. Just keep moving and never give up, ok? =) Wish you creative inspiration and have a great day! :heart:
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