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MdF: Hyeon Lily by pianobelt0 MdF: Hyeon Lily by pianobelt0
cherry blossom Basic Information: cherry blossom  

Name: Hyeon Lily
Age: 21
Gender/Sex: Female
Job: Princess of Lily Kingdom
Flower: Water Lily

 cherry blossom Personal Info/Background: cherry blossom  

Height: 5'5"
DOB: December 13
Likes: Calm evenings, reading, teas, incense, calligraphy, walks through her kingdom, silence
Dislikes: Tomatos, loud noises, loud people, disruptions, disrespect, foods/candies being too sweet
Strengths: Skilled in etiquette and calligraphy, level-headed, calm in most situations
Weaknesses: Comes off as cold or uncaring, physically weak, lacking a sense of humor


✿ Calm ✿ Level-headed ✿ Quiet ✿ Cold ✿ Serious ✿ 

Hyeon is a very calm and cool person, normally holding herself to a mature way of being. She speaks very little, believing she should only have to speak when needed. She sees her position as very important and so does her best to be a sort of "idol" to her people, thus she forced herself to grow up very quickly. Though she can come off as cold and uncaring to a newcomer or stranger, those who know her or have had time to be around her know of her compassionate ways. She cares deeply for her people and close friends and family, and would sacrifice her life if it meant keeping them safe. She enjoys quiet evenings and often stays in her water garden, drinking tea and listening only to the sounds of the natural world.


Hyeon is the eldest of 3, having baby twin sisters named Hana and Haneul. Her mother and father are the current king and queen, training their daughter often to soon take their throne. Along with them is her grandmother, who Hyeon is most close to, as she has been taught a great deal by her and respects her immensley. 

Her life has been the ideal one, growing up royalty and being educated and taken care of by her servants. Even so, she takes nothing for granted, and is very respectful to all who offer their services. Even as a child, starting around age 6, Hyeon began regarding herself more maturely. She didn't often play games, rather choosing to study or practice. Even as her sisters would play outside, she sat inside and dedicated herself to her future. Now, at the age 21, given many more responsibilities by her parents, does her best to lead her kingdom.

Items: The Royal Gem of the Lily Kingdom.

cherry blossom 

 Roleplay Info

Skype: Note me for my skype.
Preferences: This character is mostly NPC, and therefore can/will only be roleplayed with characters of certain job-types or in certain circumstances! 
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Lyle will do his best in being a great caretaker for the twins.  light pink heart bullet 
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