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EG: Kaze App by pianobelt0 EG: Kaze App by pianobelt0

N A M E : Kaze

A G E : ??22 (he thinks)

J O B : Scavenger

H E I G H T : 5'11

P E R S O N A L I T Y :

+ Agile (very nimble and quick)
+ Detail-Oriented (pays strong attention to details)
+ Calm (very chill person, laid back)

- Weak (in terms of strength, isn't much of a fighter.)
- Day-dreamer (gets lost in his own thoughts easily and zones out)
- Quiet (isn't one to speak out or oppose often)

F I R S T - D R E A M :

You can hear water and birds. The wind is blowing. You have paper and pencil in your lap. You hear a woman's voice but can't make out everything she is saying. "" You wake up.

H I S T O R Y :

Thomas was born to Eli and Jennifer Ueda, two university professors from England. When he was born, his parents took time away from teaching to raise their son and focus on writing and publishing their work. As a child, Thomas was artistically outgoing. He took a number of dance classes, aerobics and gymnastics, and theatre. Though these activities made him a physically fit kid, this paired with being raised far from town made it hard for him socialize once he started school in middle school, having been homeschooled til then. He had a few friends, but his timidness and shyness led him to almost always fall into the background.

Once he started high school, Thomas picked up drawing and loved it. He took as many art classes as he could. Upon taking a design course, he knew what he wanted in his future. This led him to pursuing a Fashion Design major once he reached college, his parents supporting any decision he chose. Sadly, he wasn’t in college long when a letter arrived for him to take part in the Deep Sleep Program. Reading over the details provided, he wasn’t sure if it was something he’d take, but his parents pleaded with him to do so. After considering their pleas, he eventually accepted the offer, and spent what time left he could with his family before being put to rest.

Upon waking up in the cave, the anxiety of the situation he was in settled in pretty quickly once his eyes were open. Stumbling his way out of his pod, and learning how to move after so long, had him stumbling his way out of the cave. As he fell, his sleeve was torn by a branch, which he then used the scrap of to tie his hair back. This world was beautiful, interesting, and terrifying. Having no memory before waking up, the process of surviving seemed intimidating, especially with so many terrifying creatures about. Though some seemed friendly, he was warned that many were not. Luckily, there was the camp of other humans to make the process of living in this world easier...

T I D - B I T S :
- Was attacked by a dog as a child which gave him that nick on his eyebrow.
- Can honestly fall asleep anywhere
- If the materials were there, he could pick up drawing again
- The motor-memory of sewing and such is still with him, so he can make nice clothes and accessories if he's got the materials to do so.
- Soft, melodious voice

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Was invited to join this cute-ass group by AngeltheMerman! I'm quite flattered that I was invited, and thank you for the opportunity!

This group is really nicely put together, and the concept is super interesting to me. There's an official opening in February, if you want to check it out!

Points: [Regular Fullbody Lines (55 pp) + Clean coloring and shading (30 pp)] + [Chibi Fullbody Lines (45 pp) + Rough coloring (15 pp)] + [Regular Headshot Sketch (20 pp) + Regular Waist Up Sketch (30 pp)] = 195 pp
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