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2014 Summary of Art by pianobelt0 2014 Summary of Art by pianobelt0
I know I'm a little late.

But anyway.

2014 was a bad year for a lot of people. For the world basically. And it's no different for me.

I got into a really bad depression over the summer, I didn't want to do anything, I strongly believed that basically everyone hated me and that I had become my own demise by isolating myself so much that I could never fix it.

I didn't want to draw, I didn't want to do anything. I basically just wanted to sleep, and I slept a shit ton.

Sadly, there really wasn't any improvement in this year either, since I really didn't push myself. I didn't try anything new, and I didn't go anywhere I hadn't been before.

Although there were some short turn arounds, I'm not sure how 2014 is going to impact 2015 for me, but I can only hope the worst is over. Which could be false, since I start Prob and Stats this semester...

I'm just tired, I guess. I don't know if my life is going in any...great firestion, but I do plan to change some things to try and force it to do so.

But anyway,

guess I can only go forward.
mikey-the-little Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
As long as you try and never give up. Life takes some shitty turns, and I'm still learning how to cope with that myself, but sometimes good things do happen. I'm not gonna feed you that cliche bullshit that doors closed doors opened blah blah blah, but if YOU try hard enough, something good is going to come of it. Happened to me, it'll happen to you. I understand this shit more than you could know, just hit me up sometime.
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