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Sleeping Beauty

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It seems somepony got too tired and fell asleep.

Remember, if you wanna see more artwork like this one or comic pages, you can be awesome and become my patron! ^^

Rarity and Spike belong to eachother and to Hasbro.
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LivingOnLaughsStudent Digital Artist
MLP Spike (Sheepish Smile) Plz: Uh, Rarity, you're so cute when you sleep...
Quick, Grab The One You Love: Really darling?
spike (don't worry) plz: Yes...even if drooling isn't mare-like
Pony Rarity Surprised Emoticon.: Really?
MLP Rarity (SO FABULOUS) Plz: Thanks, Spiky.
Opalescence: *meows*
Spike sprite: No problem, Rare.
Spike (i love you maybe) plz : I only told you 'cause...
Rarity (blink eye) plz: Yes?
spike (great!) plz: You were going to drool on the fabric...didn't want that to happen...
Sparity Deep First Kiss: Thanks, Spiky. You saved me from public humiliation..
spike (yes) plz: You're welcome.        
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PinkHyrulePrincessHobbyist Digital Artist
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DubStepinaHobbyist General Artist
Lolololol it's soo cute how Spike's holding those scissors eeeew <3 *w* xD
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hec16Hobbyist General Artist
Sparity is freaking cute >:3 ( i think my next draw is about this ) really good!
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Don't do it Spike. Fight the urge. I know you want to, but she'll remarked it when she'll be awake and she knows you were alone with her so...

What are you going to do with a lock of her mane anyway?

BEautiful and cute work
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Adorable!  Even drooling-in-her-sleep Rarity is beautiful to Spike (and me).  Plus there's such a great feeling of mutual trust with them positioned back-to-back and having Spike helping Rarity with her work.  It says a lot that Rarity seem to rarely seek help from other ponies except when deadlines are involved but she asks Spike to help her fairly often with minor things.
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Penguinator24Hobbyist Photographer
Aw, this is so adorable.
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Brzozka7777Hobbyist General Artist
Awwww, so adorable! 8D
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ArielRojaHobbyist Traditional Artist
i just love it when i see them together makes me so happyHeart 
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Hahah! "Beauty"!
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night-shadow7Hobbyist Artist
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Rarity is definitely in dreamland now... :XD:
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'aaaww!!! How cute and sweet!!! :aww: :aww: :aww:
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hec16Hobbyist General Artist
This is one of you´re best draws!! ( well anothers draws you make are perfect)
 but this...Anime Emoji (Blush Oh yay dance) [V6] 
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DeliriousWolf886Student Digital Artist
:iconrarityplz: HAPPY RARITY DAY :iconrarityplz:
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
why thank you! :hug:
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DeliriousWolf886Student Digital Artist
Your welcome :)
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Tori5Hobbyist Writer
Awww, how sweet. :)
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SomvoldHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great job on this adorable piece.
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Very lovely
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Sparity are the best couple ever
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geartechStudent Artisan Crafter
Awwwe, this is soo sweet, and Rarity is soo cute.
Well done.
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Rarara be droolin'.

Ain't she cute? :)
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