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RD chapter 7 P03 - Colored

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Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer
Wonderbolts are strippers in this reality?!
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dragonstorm676Hobbyist Artist
And I thought the higher-ups are crazy.
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Huh, it seems like it's easier to read the page if they're colored.
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HeartjackStudent Filmographer

Love your art and SoarinjackLove Huggle! 
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It actually odd how AJ being a hyprcoite. She kick spike in the face for having a short fantasy but When She fantsizes about a stripper, she gets all excited. I hope Spike eventually calls her out on this. 
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aww lastime que esta muerto owo 
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SoarinDash :D (Big Grin) SoarinDash kiss SoarinDash canon proof icon 
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Yeah, nothing a guy likes better than hearing how "hunky" some other guy is. Hard to convey when typing but in case anyone can't tell, that was sarcasm.
Dynamo-Clan's avatar
Hells Fire: Spike must be like, "Seriously, you two are craving for a stripper, while you have a gigantic dragon with the same amount of muscles that can defend you two, by your side".
darternight's avatar
Apple Jack's top looks like the hiking top from Starbound XP
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great work on the colors
karkovice1's avatar
Soarin's a STRIPPER in this timeline!? What a shame. :P

Obviously Spike's not gay for Soarin. =P
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Sweater01 General Artist
add a bit more shading and it might be better
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Very nice with the coloring here. It took me a minute though to remember the when the page was done for the story.
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Shinee--sanHobbyist Digital Artist
lol spike looks so tired with these girls! but when it comes to rarity he does the same xD
OssyBeatBreaker's avatar
This always gets me smiling :) xD.
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Jose-RamiroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Heh, love this.
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Cartoon-EricHobbyist Digital Artist
Kind of funny how the two main tomboys of the group act the boy craziest ones.
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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist
las caras q ponen me encantan rainbow dash rainbow dash rainbow dash applejack icon applejack icon applejack icon 
tacobob's avatar
Poor this universe Soarin'. He went from being an high ranking member of an military flight acrobatic team, to a stripper.
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PhaedrolousHobbyist General Artist
Its bad enough the original has to push himself to keep up with the others.
tacobob's avatar
In his defense, I've always assumed female Pegasi are faster, cause they usually weigh less...And Soarin' tends to get distracted rather easily. Ala nearly breaking his neck while ogling nearby cheerleaders.
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ha ha ha ha!!!! me sigue encantando esta imagen XD
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