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RD Chapter 8 P14

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Versión en Español dA-friendly Spain Flag 

Wersja polska Flag of Poland 

Nederlandse vertaling Flag of Netherlands 

Traduzione italiana Flag of Italy 

// RD crew //

Story/script by FFB TheFlimFlamBros
Art and edition by Pia-chan (me)

Art Coloring by KaiUchiha15

BG lineart by xXAngeLuciferXx
BG coloring by CrescentScript 
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AskNightstormAndOCs's avatar

Spike want Rarity to staaaay

DrAdalwinMuller's avatar
Soarin's a Stripper.................................................

I don't know how to feel about that...........
AskNightstormAndOCs's avatar

Oh when I heard I had shivers of displeasure (mainly because my mom can get on my laptop)

DrAdalwinMuller's avatar

AskNightstormAndOCs's avatar

let's hope she doesn't or I'm grounded

BadgerHood12's avatar
did they just agree, because a guy was there?
IcarusHector's avatar
remember, parties, like baking, is all about ratios.
unkgfirebird1990's avatar
Yeah Rainbow Dash does have a coltfriend in her bottom drawer HA HA HA HA HA
unkgfirebird1990's avatar
Rarity is right there is a ratio now but me myself would rather have it be a taco party then a sausage fest 
SwiftestShadow's avatar
For the record, it's Pinkie that said that.
carno231's avatar
This place is filled with Chaos... So many Chaos, that this may as well be inside the Eye of Terror.
AskNightstormAndOCs's avatar

my family is better than this choas and that's saying something

karkovice1's avatar
I know what Spike's thinking:

"Same ol' ship full of nutty mares..."
TheropodHunter's avatar
Rainbow's subtle flirting? *Lol* 
*stinkbomb imminent*
I could see Pinkie being ok with the girls being naked along with Spike...
TheDragonWarlock's avatar
Do the naked party, and have Spike and Rarity interact with each other there. That would be awesome.
Not like Twilight didn't have a spell for the gender problem anyway...
TheDanishAdonis's avatar
He's been sitting there with his junk out the entire time without realising it, hasn't he? On one hand, i really, REALLY want that to be the case, but on the other, i don't really see the rest of them all being in the room without anyone (especially Rainbow) pointing it out... I hope the whole Ken-doll thing he had going on as a transformed dragon isn't a full-time thing. Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next one =D
saphyira's avatar
dragons are always ken-dolled. they have a slit which hides their junk.
TheDanishAdonis's avatar
aww. This is why I failed my xeno-biology classes.
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Krystal3108's avatar
oh come on Rainbow Dash, we know you want it. Love
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was funny.
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