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RD Chapter 7 P30

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The beginning (Prologue)

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Next (P31-32)

Versión en Español dA-friendly Spain Flag

Wersja polska Flag of Poland 

Nederlandse vertaling Flag of Netherlands

Traduzione italiana Flag of Italy

// RD crew //

Story/script by FFB TheFlimFlamBros
Art and edition by Pia-chan (me)

BG by xXAngeLuciferXx, BG colors by CrescentScript 
Characters coloring by Blazeswonders 

Facebook Admin: Dublin
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AskNightstormAndOCs's avatar

Hey no butt downs on Spike!

ColonelBSacquet's avatar
You're crossing the line, Cow-Tits.

You don't want to be childish smartass when he's angry.
Cynthrey's avatar
me huele a problemas con ''p'' de ''pirate ya mismo''
Did I just smell fried horse meat? ;)
farrarjo's avatar
I'd love to see Spike wreck her in bed.

I also wouldn't mind if she sat on my chest.
DeadCobra's avatar
carno231's avatar
*spots me*
her: Who the hell are y--
Me: Last time I angered a Dragon... I killed it... You angering a Dragon on the other hand... nothing good can come to that girl...
Agato-The-Venom-Host's avatar
So is Spike going to be a weak coward forever? That's a pathetic excuse for a dragon right there.
karkovice1's avatar
Burn that bitch, Spikey!
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
You made Spike angry. You won't like it when he's angry.
jyroman53's avatar
GO for it Spike become BERSERK !
Black-Sweater's avatar
*Insert bad ass Jojo Theme In the distance*

Aw man he gon' Kick some ARSE!
PonyCUMPie's avatar
XD She put it on him and now he's gonna go Fleece Johnson on her!! Lmbo!
mickey16's avatar
*Sees Spike about to lose it in the last panel*

"Uh oh..."

*Grabs fireproof helmet*

"Duck and cover boys! This heat wave is gonna hit, and it's gonna hit HARD!"
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nintyuk's avatar
Time for some BROOKLYN RAGE!
DominationAngel's avatar
His blood boiling in the last panel, nice touch. An she's is soooo screwed. xD
arseck's avatar
nihashi siempre atrae XD
Spike Smash! 
superpyromaniac's avatar
She's about to be set ablaze in the fires of his rage :/
TheFurryArtist's avatar
Awwwww shit! GO ON SON!!!
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Cue Slipknot's 'snap'
Granonis's avatar
Whelp... Miss Big Packages is about to become Miss Cooked Packages.
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