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RD Chapter 6 P17

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Story/script by FFB TheFlimFlamBros
Art and edition by Pia-chan (me)

Background Lines by xXAngeLuciferXx colors by CrescentScript 
Characters coloring by
Blazewingsthunder KaiUchiha15 
Guns by Pabloracer1
Facebook Admin: Dublin
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I found the next few pages but the system won't let me post the link. They're on the porn site Just post pia-sama's name in the search bar and you should find the next few pages there. 
rnko26's avatar
sweetness this just got better!
Is this officially on hiatus or are my every day checks actually going to yield results? Please keep this going!
1Foxcomm's avatar
You know, it would be kinda cool if Spike had taken such forcibly control of his greed that he could control it.  He would have to, to be able to live with ponies and not be a danger to them.
nioniosbbbb's avatar
I just read all of it in one go. It's rare for a story to make me THIS interested. 
karkovice1's avatar
And what's SPIKE gonna do!!? O_O
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
karkovice1's avatar
There's an idea... provided he CAN breathe fire in his anthropomorphic form. :)
METAL-RYU's avatar
opino lo mismo, QUE?!
Coletrain12's avatar
This should be interesting :)
Animatorsnake's avatar
Ohhhh... I like what Rarity is thinking right now, so let me guess some covert ops shizz going to happen and Spike is in the middle
JokerPony's avatar
I see ze briefcase iz safe?
Tell me, did anyone menaged to kill red Rarity on the way here? No? Zen we still have a problem...
TheJoeSchmo's avatar
Hey, what are you? President of her fan club?
JokerPony's avatar
No. Zat would be YOUR DRAGON!
SPB2015's avatar
It looks like Spike's flame breath is about to come in handy.
Fist-of-doom's avatar
And thanks to his naturally thick skin he's also Bulletproof he also has jaws strong enough to bite through solid rock and gems like eating a piece of bread. If Spike wanted he could probably take everyone on by himself.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Bulletproof? No.
He's resisted an SMG bullet to the forehead, true.
That doesn't mean he's impervious to any calibre, though.
An API .50 cal slug will most-likely have the same effect than a handgun's bullet to the head for a "normal" character.
And that's not even taking in account the fact that the bullet can be magically enhanced.

Concerning the biting, it can be. Though, chewing stones and gems is one thing.
Doing the same on military armour-grade steel - also potentially magically-enhanced - is a totally new ball game.
SPB2015's avatar
He's a one dragon army.
But is he a One-Punch Dragon?
SPB2015's avatar
Derp Medic Tf2 I have no idea!
It seems like we're about to find out together... This shall either be most entertaining or horribly disappointing. ...then again, I guess it could be somewhere in the middle.
MrSpartin's avatar
Shit's 'bout to get real.:icondeadpoolplz:
SomaShield's avatar
oh oh spike ahora todo depende de ti 
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