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RD Chapter 6 P10

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Story/script by FFB TheFlimFlamBros
Art by Pia-chan (me)

Background lines by xXAngeLuciferXx coloring by Pia-chan.
Characters coloring by Blazewingsthunder 
Guns by Pabloracer1

Back up Colorer KaiUchiha15
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Haven't you spent enough time apart, now you're gonna part ways again, possibly for good this time?
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ShenronnHobbyist General Artist
Twilight really wants him safe
Masterbuscus's avatar
My guess she doesn't want to face the possibility of loosing him.
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Eaglepaw54Student General Artist
Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
Bleyk36's avatar
Ohh! You cant do this to spike! He is important role in this story.
Eaglepaw54's avatar
Eaglepaw54Student General Artist
Exactly XD
ItsDakoolaidDude's avatar
Pulling the "He's dead already" card.
Animatorsnake's avatar
oh she's going for "Your important, and we'll give you supplies for you to find shelter and be same" strategy, nice
SPB2015's avatar
Rarity's not gonna be happy if she finds out about this.
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MadCrow553Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooohoh, damn right she gonna be pissed!
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MrSpartinHobbyist Writer
Well, SOMEONE hasn't learned about the magic of friendship much in this alt universe. :iconapplejackwhatplz:
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Spike is just a perfect Rock
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
The old if you love someone, let them go attitude. Isn't always a good philosophy. Sometimes you need to fight for the one you love.
DragonMan200's avatar
Oh hell no, he's not going to stand for that!!!!
Mr-Livid-Rager's avatar
Spike: I'm so glad that you're alive Twilight, I want to make up for the last ten ye-

Twilight: Were dropping you off somewhere safe with some money...

Spike: 0_0 Excuse me?
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EdokiStudent Digital Artist
Spike: What? So I can go back to the slums and get hated on cause I'm a dragon? I'M GONNA BE A PIRATE!
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alpha-powerStudent General Artist
If Celestia heard about this, She will know how her sister feels when she turned into Nightmare Moon, and gets her revenge on the seven.
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alpha-powerStudent General Artist
Dash storms in and explains the news.
Dash: Twilight, you and Spike are not gonna believe this, but I saw the letters saying that Spike's a warrior, and the rest of are princesses.
TS and Spike:WHAT?!
Applejack: Ah kno' it's crazy, but tis' true.
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They could drop him off but where's he gonna go from there?  His assignment from Fancy Pants is a total bust and if he returns to him empty handed, that psycho secretary of his is bound to try and rip Spike's head off unless he fights back, which he very well could because he's a dragon. 
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Oh ok that has happened....
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I have been reading this for a while and read all six chapters. I hope Twilight doesn't make Spike go away. Plus would it be cool if Sunset Shimmer and Trixie join the gain as well or are they gone?
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Some years ago.

Celestia: Captain Armour I have your mission for you. 

Shinning Armour: Yes your majesty.

Celestia: I need you to go to the Crystal Mountain to slay a most fearsome dragon.

Shinning Armour: As you wish your majesty. Though those are some of the highest and most dangerous mountains in the world I will under take this mission.

Celestia: Also take these soldiers who are apart of my own honour guard, who were definitely not been given strict orders to kill you the first chance they get.

Shinning Armour: Oh, that's...good

Celestia: And to further aid you on this quest I had our armourers forge you this new armour made entirely of gem stones.

Shinning Armour: Won't that just make the dragon want to eat me?

Celestia: Do you want to marry my niece?

Shinning Armour: Yes.

Celestia: Then wear the damn armour.

After putting on the armour Shinning and his party are sent on their way while Princess Celestia and her personal guard watches from a balcony.

Celestia: That prick better not come back this time Sliver Blade.

Sliver Blade: Don't worry Princess even if Shinning survives the Dragon, your soldiers, the land mines, the diamond dogs assassins, Littlepip's evil clone, Cthulhu, the zombie cyborg ninjas from hell and the complete box set of the Twilight movies I doubt he'll be able to survive the Flood.

Celestia: He better not Captain. Otherwise my sister won't be the only one to be lock in a box at the bottom of the ocean.

(Before you ask yes Sliver Blade is the same stallion who Celestia spies on in the shower.)      
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"Here's your one million dollars. Thanks for stopping by."
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