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RD Chapter 6 P07

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Story/script by FFB TheFlimFlamBros
Art by Pia-chan (me)

Background by Heimo HeimoBauss
Coloring by KaiUchiha15 
Guns by Pabloracer1

Coloring by Blazewingsthunder
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mairlylindorStudent Digital Artist
Billions of people have change in his world and so did he.!!.
MrSpartin's avatar
MrSpartinHobbyist Writer
Millions are dead.
Masterbuscus's avatar
If I look at the conditions on canterlot then Im guessing MANY things drowned. I mean how many ponies know how to swim?
Metal-Max1991's avatar
Metal-Max1991Hobbyist Writer
Oh god I hope the CMC aren't dead? :,(
GlitterQueen's avatar
hmmmmm I NEED to know what happened!
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
flippedoutkyriiHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wonder what happened to their families. I hope the CMC are alright :(
Fireheart22335's avatar
For some reason I can't help but think of hurricane Katrina when she talks about the pain they suffered during the floods. Can you imagine that you are at home with friends and family, then out of nowhere a wall of water comes and washes it all away in the blink of an eye. That's traumatic enough on its own, when you factor in that all of them may have lost their families is worse.

Tell you the truth, I'm more interested in how they survived...
RadicalDishonesty's avatar
They both lost important things, eh?
Coolguy9000's avatar
The things that the ponies lost.

Applejack - the Farm

Pinkie Pie - Stash of Sweets

Fluttershy - Animal Friends

Rarity - Pretty Dresses

Twilight - Books

Rainbow Dash - Nothing, she's always been a massive b%#%*  
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liuhyhung123Hobbyist Digital Artist
what about tank
Coolguy9000's avatar
What about Tank
liuhyhung123's avatar
liuhyhung123Hobbyist Digital Artist
rainbow dash have her pet name tank, and she love it more than the world, she even wanted to destroy the winter just too keep it awake and play with her
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
With him.
Besides, she didn't exactly want to destroy winter, she just wanted it to pause. Or something along those lines.
Coolguy9000's avatar
yeah, that was a good episode and kind of sad when you think about the concept they were pushing.
Darkagumon2000's avatar
Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon I've been outside to long!
Spike (Suspicion) Plz Its only been 5 seconds.
Twilight (Worried) Plz ITS WORSE THEN I THOUGHT!!!!
Spike nose bleed icon .........................
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ElementOf-LoyaltyHobbyist Artist
Spike Laughing icon 
tenabrus's avatar
Flash Sentry is dead

calling it D:
MrSpartin's avatar
MrSpartinHobbyist Writer
Here's hoping.
JustinBA007's avatar
I sure hope so.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
What? Why?! What's up with hoping a character's dead?
You hating meanies.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Twilight is a broken bird in her way. And so are all the others. Pinkie has no town for partys, Applejack has no farms to tend, Fluttershy no animals to care for, Twilight betrayed by her mentor. Rainbow Dash's dream betrayed, and Rarity no way to shine any longer. There all broken birds and refugee's at this point.
Seraph-sama's avatar
To build drama that is
DukeyDukeyDoo's avatar
Yeah, I'd like to know how all THIS happened. 
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