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RD Chapter 6 P05

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Updated for everyone simultaneously due the lateness of this page. Hope ya enjoy!

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Versión en Español dA-friendly Spain Flag

Wersja polska Flag of Poland 

// Staff //

Story/script by FFB TheFlimFlamBros
Art by Pia-chan (me)

Background by Heimo HeimoBauss
Back up Coloring by KaiUchiha15
Guns by Pabloracer1 and
Greyscale Color by Blazewingsthunder
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SolidWorksMLPHobbyist Digital Artist
I call Eren!
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So discord probably did the whole " put his power in someone else so my influence will be forever blah blah blah blah blah" if that is the case, discord I'll have you know I have several buddies from other dimensions who can travel to the astral plain and punch you in da face
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Why does that last panel remind me of erin yeger
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Because of...VENGEANCE, lol

Like in the Abridged of tfs
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Versión en Español de Rogue Diamond!

Rogue Diamond Chapter 6 Part 05 (Spanish) by Raimundo1941
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MrSpartinHobbyist Writer
If Discord is truly dead -in addition to Luna I might add- then I'm going to burn down the nearest orphanage! That mother*$$^ing piece of *%&^ c^&* swallowing @#$& donkey *%^* $%&*% wh*%& a$$#%*& Celestia needs to die!
I would have taken a land of Discord's chaos over the current tyrannical, racist and corrupt flooded world of order in this comic any day.
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Ooh she mad!
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kakyuusparkHobbyist Digital Artist
Very awesome pic :)

Love the outfit Rarity is wearing ^^

Twilight's going to turn somepony into scrap.
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Oh shit, this is going to be awesomePopcorn 
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Going to need more popcorn for when that event happens! :D (Big Grin) 
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
Huh, Twilight seems more affected that I expected.
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Cursive-SpillHobbyist Digital Artist
For some odd reason, in the last panel, I think Rarity is thinking "Ruining my moment, Twi..."
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naruto gif Sasuke  Uchiha I will have my revenge
Spike (Upset) Plz Twilight eat a snickers
Sasuke Surprised Icon Why
Spike (Upset) Plz Because you turn into a revenge driven crazy person when your hungry
naruto gif  Sasuke Uchiha 
Spike (Suspicion) Plz Better
twilight sparkle (smile) plz Better
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We're all quite made here. EVIL Laughter!  Six crazy mares on a boat and one dragon. The world will never be the same...

Twi should probably find a way to control the cycle of day and night and a way to cause the flood waters to recede if she actually intends to kill Celestia...
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You know that just goes to show how much Twilight really cares for Spike. She thought he was dead for the last ten years, but he's alive which has obviously brought joy to Twilight (maybe she'll take better care of herself). But after hearing what he went through she has every right to be livid.

She wasn't there to help him and protect him from phyco sunbutt. Also, Celestia, I would say that she may have been Discorded (I.e. severed claw). But would that have turned her into a phyco murderer?

Can't wait for the rest is the story to find out! :)
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It's psyco ot phyco.
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Well that is.......huh..... can't wait to see that happen
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woah Twilight (she got scary) :scared: 
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Looks like Twilight needs to take a deep breath and count to ten.
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Oh shit Twilight... I love you.
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TechgearHobbyist Digital Artist
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kittycatkat12Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes! the war of princesses!! XD
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