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My feels !
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I wonder how old Spike is in this story arc, and how old he was at the time Celestia turned awry.
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
He was 8
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I see. So, the Mane 6 must be somewhere between 27-28 and 33 or so, I presume.

By the way, thanks for the answer. :-)
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
not really. In this world they were only 15 when the floods happened. So in case of Rarity, she'd only 23 at the date. And the others, well I'd have to ask FFB but probably close to that age.
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So Rarity was only 13, back then.
Did she already own her shop in Ponyville back then?

P.S.: Have you received my note about the translation?
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
wait... now im confussed... need :theflimflambros: to day something about this xDD

yes i did, and I was about to respond but since we're here... there's someone that's already doing it, i mean translating to french, he already got the pologue, and chapter 1 almost completed. I still didn't add the links tho since i've not been able but i'll do it ASAP. Thanks for offering tho.
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You're welcome. :-)
If you need a translation in french for another comics of yours, don't hesitate to call on me. :-)
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Yo, I know I'm a few days late on this one... but I'll answer your age question.

In this comic (and my personal headcannon in general) The girls are within the 13-15 years of age when the floods happened and Spike was 8 and the CMCs are around 5-7. Yes rarity owned her carousel boutique, as cartoon horses can do that as there world is not ours, and therefore does not have the same rules... getting off track.

anyways, since there has been a 10 year timeskip, that puts the mane 6 around the age of 23-25, Spike at the ripe, legal age of 18, and the CMCs at 15-17. If you want me to get really technical I'll say that Rarity and Twilight and Rainbow are 23, Pinkie and Applejack are 24, and Fluttershy is 25. Spike would be 18, and for the CMCs let's say they would be 17 in the comic.

I hope this is helpful!
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks darling : )
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Versión en Español de Rogue Diamond!

Rogue Diamond Chapter 6 Part 03 (Spanish) by Raimundo1941
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We need more drawings oh celestia like this
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ChaoticNoteHobbyist Writer
rereading this now... 'rehabilitation'... oh dear god. don't tell me it was Discord, then he fucked up and she ended up killing him.
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IcyLightningHobbyist Digital Artist
Son of a sunbutt good Luna. Cry so hard
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Come on, the next page is only available for the patrons? You never did that before!
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
dont worry, next page will be up soon. For everyone.
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Why can't i go to the next page
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
now you can.
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Didn't you already post this page?
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah but i updated the link to the next page since it's availeable for patrons and for points.
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Creme-de-MentheHobbyist Traditional Artist
The notification did say (updated), not sure what changed
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description changed, you can get to see the next page by being a patreon or exchanging it for points 
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