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RD Chapter 5 P20

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DrAdalwinMullerHobbyist Digital Artist
Awkward Silence* XD XD XD
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Twilight! Calling it! It's Twilight!
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Versión en Español de Rogue Diamond!

Rogue Diamond Chapter 5 Part 20 (Spanish) by Raimundo1941
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Eaglepaw54Student General Artist
I bet it's Twilight!
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I'm thinking its Derpy!
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What sort of barbarian ... ? Who would care about your boots, anyway? They were trying to stop you.
karkovice1's avatar
I thought agoraphobia was a fear of clowns.
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StreamSecretHobbyist General Artist
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I'm not the biggest Rarity fan, but when you draw her, she makes me melt :D.
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It's gotta be Twilight!
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If it's Twilight my scream of "YES!" will be heard on the East Coast... and I live in California :P
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I bet that Sunset is the one who is the communication officer.
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IkaroozHobbyist Digital Artist
I´ve finished "Black Lagoon" lately and now I just realized that this comic has a lot in common with it

...and that´s awesome.
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Fist-of-doomHobbyist Digital Artist
If it actually is Twilight then she is also a Turophobe. (turophobia: a fear of cheese) 
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LennyTribeHobbyist General Artist
Maybe not turophobia, but certainly has a phobia of quesadillas... now what would we call that?
Fist-of-doom's avatar
Fist-of-doomHobbyist Digital Artist
I came to the conclusion she has Turophobia when she defended her fear of Quesadillas. ""I'm not afraid of quesadillas! They're just so... Cheesy."
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LennyTribeHobbyist General Artist
Yeh, I getcha, would be pretty funny if that were the case actually .D
Pia-sama's avatar
Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
she definitely is not that. xD
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You know the story will screw with us and have it be Vinyl Scratch or something.
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we have seen 
rd, fs, aj, pp, r 

that leaves twilight ... 
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It's gotta be Twilight. It has to be.
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chuck-vic-norrisStudent Digital Artist
IF SHE ISN'T TWILIGHT I'LL BE PISSED - FIRERAGE - ... but I'll still read the comic
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TreforceHobbyist Digital Artist
its luna... and the reason she wont come out is due to video games.
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