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RD Chapter 3 P10

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MLP and characters belong to Hasbro.

Story/script by FFB TheFlimFlamBros
Art by Pia-chan (me)
Background by Heimo HeimoBauss

Colouring by Blazewingsthunder
Guns by Pabloracer1


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The-Parrotious-PLHobbyist Digital Artist
De-Freaking Do Dignity laugh 
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Rarity is fine with killing, but not with threatening to shoot someone's junk off.

Priorities, man. 
tails208's avatar
When it comes to rainbow Dash, it never does
nioniosbbbb's avatar
I love this. I love this.
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Versión en Español de Rogue Diamond!

Rogue Diamond Chapter 3 Part 10 (Spanish) by Raimundo1941
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ChaoticNoteHobbyist Writer
Ah I forgot they had said this line before. "Is that sarcasm?" "It always is."

This gotta be the reoccurring joke here.
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Ballsack100Professional General Artist
Not an iguana or dragon. FLAMINGO!
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
So Luna was really murdered ... :'-(
That's a serious dystopian anthro Equestria we have here. :'-(. Aye, it fookin' is.
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
Peligro de muerte o no, a Spike no le gustan que confundan su especie :lol:
FreelancerNorth's avatar
Ahh... Anchorman 
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WildKnight215Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah I saw Anchorman too.
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hillbeProfessional Artist
I'ed use my prick as a key to open the case ,Gun to the tool set works every time.
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Serefin99Student Writer
'50% of the time, it works all the time.'
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crimsongrainHobbyist Writer
Can't argue with logic like that
wolves3000's avatar
wow she sure has changed!
Kyoshi001's avatar
I sense queen Luna will return... hmm.....
totallynotabronyFIM's avatar
I can't believe I just discovered this now.  Crossover with Black Lagoon and it's by Pia?  Count me in.
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Xemnas-samaHobbyist General Artist
You are being a real you what Dashie and with a capital B may I say.
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Nemesisprime91Student Writer
Guess Pia has her personality down pat then.
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Xemnas-samaHobbyist General Artist
Not to mention this is another timeline and things were hard for pretty much anypony.
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GumballmeanAwsomeHobbyist Traditional Artist
20% -_- surely you know nothing about men Rainbow Dash
Masterbuscus's avatar
.....20% of the time.....from rainbow....... (-.-)
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This may be a dumb question but do they really have no idea what a dragon is ?
NellzDaBlackKing's avatar
The ponies know what dragons are, but it's kind of the fact that Spike doesn't look as intimidating as the rest of his kind are since he has been living with ponies for all of his life. I think cause of this, ponies don't take as a serious threat, they seem him as their own, not a ferocious, flying, fire-breathing, pony devouring dragon.
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