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RD Chapter 2 P05

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Hope ya like!

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MLP and characters belong to Hasbro.

Story/script by FFB TheFlimFlamBros
Art, edition and colors by Pia-chan (me)
Background by Heimo HeimoBauss

Colouring by Blazewingsthunder


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AskNightstormAndOCs Digital Artist

Hey I'm a cat so I can easily scratch it and if it's classified then someone might steal and Spike gets it back!?

Shenronn's avatar
ShenronnHobbyist General Artist
You know something important is in there, then again it could be a donut.
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Agamemnon69Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Versión en Español de Rogue Diamond!

Rogue Diamond Chapter 2 Part 05 (Spanish) by Raimundo1941
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Ballsack100Professional General Artist
Spike man. Don't ask questions. Just bring the weed to New Baltimore.
thecrazyrandomfan's avatar
It's drugs .-.
newbaggett's avatar
oh my fu-It's a Equestian remake of Black Lagoon!
roflnagi15's avatar
ohh i feel like i know where this is going
buuut i am probably wrong
soildmatthew's avatar
its the dam briefcase from pulp fiction
therougerogue's avatar
Spike, no! NEVER deliver a package or message when you don't know what's in it. It always ends badly for the deliverer!

:icondude2plz: "Yeah, but..."

:iconforeverpinkieplz: "ALWAYS!!!"
midnightterror1's avatar
haha and it starts! i hope spike gets a badass action scene!
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Xemnas-samaHobbyist General Artist
If he calls him dragon that way again I will break my hand on this freaking face.
midnightterror1's avatar
lol leave spike for it i mean he is a dragon
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Xemnas-samaHobbyist General Artist
Yeah but that jerk says it in a racist kinda way and it is starting to get on my nerves.
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mirtar34Hobbyist Digital Artist
How much you wanna bet that box has something to do with the resistance?
Dragon101k's avatar
And We have a ponifed Las Vegas in New Baltimare.

Wonder what abaut the redvard...
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GreenLinzerdStudent Digital Artist
A scratch? But what if the journey is difficult? What if he gets into a tussle with bandits, pirates, etc.??
RainbowDangerDash2's avatar
That's what I thought.
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If the next  page comes pls tell me !
Guilrel's avatar
Oh come on, even if he went through a huge bunch of trouble of protecting it from ponies that want it.
karkovice1's avatar
I'm willing to bet 10 bits he's gonna screw this one up, too. :XD:
the plot thickens!
just like Celestia's :p
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This comic strikes me with memories how i stalked you for the NaruHina doujins u used to make :p
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