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RD Chap0 P08

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Last but one page of the prologue. Yeah I said today we'd upload 2 pages, but we had a problem with page 9 so it gets delayed, will be up tomorrow or next week, but we're having chapter 1 cover with it :3


Next (Page 09-10)

First Page(p01)

MLP and characters belong to Hasbro.

So yeah, the water took me a while, sure Heimo draw the BGs but I wanted the water to look 20% cooler so added a kind of pattern, i'm getting used to it so hope spending less time next time i have to do this xD

Story/script by FFB ~TheFlimFlamBros
Art, BG effects and edition by Pia-chan (me)
Backgrounds by Heimo ~HeimoBauss
Colors by Blaze ~Blazewingsthunder

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Pretty interested in this comic.
Though it really sucks/stung that it looks like that will be it for Luna here..
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Now that im reading the beginning, i cant help but hear Kuja's Immortal Melody Song and Kuja's Millennium Song come up from Final Fantasy IX. Poor Luna...

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Luna, is dead?!
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EfernoTheDragonHobbyist General Artist
Just for fun:

Daybreaker: "Shendu?"
Spike: "That's right! Your son! And it's Spike, mom!"
Daybreaker: "No, no. S-h-e-n-d-u. I re-named you."
Spike: "You ruined my life!"
Daybreaker: "How could I ruin your life? I didn't even attack you!"
*Spike attacks Daybreaker and destroys her weapon*

Spike: "I wish I had a different mom!"
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So is Luna truly Dead? ; A ;
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ShenronnHobbyist General Artist
Absolute power corrupts absolutely unless you can control it before it controls you
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what about kratos (god of wars)
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Jesus will stop u
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Fujin777Hobbyist Writer
Someone call Frank Castle aka "The Punisher" as this monster needs to be punished.
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Versión en Español de Rogue Diamond!

Rogue Diamond Prologue Part 08 (Spanish) by Raimundo1941
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Randomponyzilla Interface Designer
And I hate Celestia now.
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Is ok

Jesus will stop her
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I KNEW IT, I knew that gun was an XM8 HAHA! >:D (yes im a weapon nerd) anyways, im really loving this comic so far :D
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Well, if there's an explanation behind the scenes for her behavior, that's all well and good, but all the reader sees is Celestia acting out of character. So, based on just what we've read so far, this is a terrible storyline. lol
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Ballsack100Professional General Artist
Really? Out of character? You're saying Celestia never worries? You're saying she has no reason to be paranoid of her kingdom being overthrown by her once evil sister? She's not at all out of character, and I think this is an amazingly well done story. And that "lol" at the end of your comment really took some weight out of your point. Besides, this isn't your fanfic. You got a problem, make an alternate version of this one that tells the story better. At least be constructive and give some suggestions. And don't be so general. Don't just say it's terrible storyline, say you DISLIKE the storyline. Otherwise, you're only fooling yourself, because I happen to love this story, storyline and all.
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Yep, out of character.
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Ballsack100Professional General Artist
Celestia has never been shown in this scenario. We don't know if she's out of character or not.
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...Her eyes...look closer at  her  eyes on this page and on teh previous one when she used magic.

Dont they look a bit like sombra's, they are faint though
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Ballsack100Professional General Artist
Funny you should mention that. In page 4 of chapter 6, Celestia is seen maniacally laughing, holding a claw. Discord's claw? On the previous page, Celestia states someone's "reforming" is going well. Discord's switch from evil to good is the first one in the series to be refered to as "reforming." Couple that with your point on the eyes, and the fact that Discord is the first major villian to appear since Luna, and I'd say Celestia has been turned into her evil form. The one Twilight's friends became in the maze. It can't be flat out possesion, because Celestia clearly had build up and conflict when she became a monster. I think this is Celestia's opposite personality. Either way, the guy I was talking to was just being kinda rude.
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so your saying she may have inversed by some dark force?
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Ballsack100Professional General Artist
Yeah. You know how the mane 6 and the rest of Ponyville turned gray and became the opposite of their true selves? Maybe Celestia revived Discord to reform him, but then Discord broke free and turned Celestia into the tyrant she is now, and so Discord is now using Celestia as his puppet to spread chaos across the world. But hey, that's just a theory. A webcomic theory. Thanks for reading.
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
You're terrible readers, judging a story only for prologue and expecting everything to be explained the first arc.
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Bah. When it's this different and out of character from what we're used to, I think it's natural for readers to have a negative reaction to it.

So now, while waiting for that explanationassuming there is one because I don't knowI just have to take it on good faith that Celestia isn't acting this way willy-nilly.
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What? There sisters. Why she turned evil?
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