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RD Chap0 P05

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MLP and characters belong to Hasbro.

Story/script by FFB ~TheFlimFlamBros
Art and edition by Pia-chan (me)
Backgrounds by Heimo ~HeimoBauss
Colors by Blaze ~Blazewingsthunder

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Now which End-of-Equestria headcannon is worse? This or Fallout Eqeustria?
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*crickets chirping for 4 hours* Fallout Equestria (I imagine that I'm saving Fluttershy and her bunny from their treelike fate DAMN IT!!). I'm just reading this because I wanted to see what the gist of the story is (aka the WHOLE thing).
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jeroen01Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fancypants as captain?
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Versión en Español de Rogue Diamond!

Rogue Diamond Prologue Part 05 (Spanish) by Raimundo1941
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They're a bit too anthropomorphic to really call them 'ponies'...
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Yup.  Global warming.
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Celestia, I never thought I would say that. But you are a real bitch here.
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Because a rich guy living on a mountain totally has a cruise liner on hand.
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is that twilight and rarity in the last panel?
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is that a 'titanic' reference in the first panel, with the door?
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
yes it is! :3
Vespillo-Cruentus's avatar
so i thought! 
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That last panel......if I didn't know better, this could be why Spike has just a picture of him and Twilight together before all the craziness that happened that forever transformed Equestria......

Poor Twilight,  she sacrificed herself to make sure Spike survived (or at least it looks like it, can't tell for right now)

Also, I can guess that some of the ponies are pegasi--flyers, or airwalkers if you want to call them that, but It looks like there are other ponies that have actually JUMPED from the ship.  I truly hope that isn't the case....:iconfluttershysadplz:
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My compliments to you. Your art is wonderful.
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Uhm... if the ice melted that quickly at the polar regions, the entire planet would be uninhabitable.  The air temperature would be so hot the lungs of everything other than dragons would be scorched.
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Ookay - if there isn't any justification for this beyond "Celestia goes loony because I say so", then I'm out of here. Causing a major character to go massively out of character for no reason so you can get a nice big tragic disaster for Drama is one of the lowest dodges of the fanfic writer. Calling it "alternate universe" doesn't help.

(And yet, you draw so _well_. :( )
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It's all in the details. Let me guess, due to the dark color of celestias eyes when she woke up, is her paranoia being heightened by Sombra, Chrysalis, or yor own evil enemy? I called it if it is.
TheFlimFlamBros's avatar
There's always a better reason for everything :3 We just can't tell you everything all ay once! There's a better reason for her madness. Whether you like that reason or not will be entirely up to you when the situation (eventually) presents itself.
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I said "it's a shame about killing everybody." Try harder, Tia.
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Captain Fancy pants!
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MilkitalixHobbyist Digital Artist
Helk yea :3
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MilkitalixHobbyist Digital Artist
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