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RD Chap0 P02

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© 2013 - 2020 Pia-sama
And from this page Blaze :iconblazewingsthunder: joined us, to color the pages :3

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MLP and characters belong to Hasbro.

Moonlit Knight belongs to our dear friend Racko.

Story/script by FFB ~TheFlimFlamBros
Art and edition by Pia-chan (me)
Backgrounds by Heimo ~HeimoBauss
Colors by Blaze ~Blazewingsthunder

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AskNightstormAndOCs Digital Artist


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sun butt is definitely jelly
CameoFiasco's avatar
lovely cameos lovely
Beraxus's avatar
is it just me or does that kid in the 3rd panel have the Uchiha symbol from Naruto.
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
: 3
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Why would I think otherwise. If this is comic is anything to go by you really love your subtle cameos.
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You drew Luna VERY cute in this picture.  :)
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.... of course.... of fucking course Celestia goes.... nope. I'm done. You've already lost me.
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Although I don't like Celestia becoming evil in this series, I do like the style of the story. And also the style of Luna and Celestia's royal guards.
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YakkoWarner20Hobbyist Artist
Ok, the little colt is holding a notepad, when I first looked at it, I thought he was touching her breast. Also Rukia is in the last panel.
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Your sister is relatable now. She came back and she wanted to atone for what she did, so she put in the effort to be as none-threatening and likeable as possible to the common ponies of equestria. You on the other hand are holding yourself above your subjects, acting like the cold, distant goddess who merely expects people to love her by sheer virtue of being you.
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Jesper6Hobbyist Writer
There are two big reasons why Luna is best princess.
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Versión en Español de Rogue Diamond!

Rogue Diamond Prologue Part 02 (Spanish) by Raimundo1941
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....... *shrug* here we go again with the whacko Celestia..
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flutter-butter55678Hobbyist General Artist
Um, Celestia! There's a reason why you're NOT my fave princess. (no offence, Celestia lovers) Now I have another reason!
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...is this really gonna go THAT route?
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MasterAnimash1996Student Digital Artist
Okay I just started reading this comic but I can already see where this is going.
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Let me see, tight shirt, tight pants. Yup I can see the attraction rather than dressing like a reject from a Ren faire.
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PERFECT blend of Pony and humanoid; my compliments Pia-sama!
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a thousand years on the moon does change people
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jealous Tia? owo
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Pony guards with assault rifles!?:o (Eek)   Another thing to worry about besides magic if you happened to get transported to a world like this!Giggle 


I wonder if Luna's guard or guards uses the same weapons as Celestia's guards do?:thinker: 

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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
yep, excep for Moonlite, he doesn't like gund, he prefers his lance and trust his magic ; )
vevans0009's avatar
Ah, he is like a traditionalist of sorts.  Interesting either way!
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