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Motherly Love

I think Celestia raised Spike. There's no way a filly like Twilight would have done that.
So probably, for Spike, Princess Celestia is what's closer to a mother. And Twi's more like his sister.

Hope you like.

Celestia and Spike belong to Hasbro.

Get a bigger version for 20 :points:, thank you : )
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Just thought I'd ask, because I'm see very little Spike and Princess Celestia's mother and son bondings, but by chance will we see some more of this relationship later from you, or something?
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That is adorable I just love it

great job :)
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I just hope she put up enough with his teething.
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I wonder if Spike could get through Daybreaker and reach the Celestia everybody all know and loved in Rogue Diamond.
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Cool work!;) (Wink) Yeah that's what I think also!Nod Since Spike was hatched I think it WAS Celesita who was raising and teaching him alongside TwilightAww Then when he became Twilight's assistant they ALSO became like adoptive siblingsHuggle! Big sis and little bro that is!:D (Big Grin) 
Now I do disagree on Celestia raising Spike, since I just think the idea of Twilight being a single mother is more interesting that Celestia being a single mother. But I can see where you are coming from. Also this picture is awesome and it is going into my favorites.
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And, there are several errors in a few episodes like "Equestria Games," where Spike got all credit for no reason despite all the hard work the other characters had done and the roles they've played. Like Twilight, she did most of it. Twilight figured out where the heart was, found the hidden passage to it, made her way up to the top in lights speed with her up-side-down magic, and Twilight passing the burden over to Spike was her idea, and Spike only ran a small distance over to a ledge and then fell. Shining Armor saves him AND the heart, then Cadance flew over there, caught them, and brought the heart to where it needed to go. Spike is NOTHING compared to that and doesn't deserve to be the "Hero of the Crystal Empire."

In "Gauntlet of Fire," the question is where Garble's hatred against ponies came from or why anyone would invade an entire land to steal beds. Dragons aren't able to use magic, so they are, without a doubt, weak and harmless.

Here's the proof showing that the writers weren't behind any of those errors, but the fans themselves. So, it makes it clear that some of the Spike-fans couldn't stand his abuse, mistreatments, and appearances as one, simple background decoration in the previous seasons.

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None of Lauren's ideas like "Celestia raising Spike" were meant to be considered canon, ever.

Lauren hasn't said that "Celestia is Spike's mother" when she only mentioned about Celestia just raising him. Once Twilight grew older, she took over.

It doesn't make anyone a "mother/father," nor having "motherly/fatherly" moments, acts... when she/he is just looking after or raising someone.

Anyone like Celestia or Luna, who's a beautiful and powerful alicorn, doesn't fit as a "mother" or "aunt" for a small, goofy, and clumsy character like Spike.

"Adoption" isn't a must-thing. What's only most important is that you take care of whoever you're looking after.

It's stupid and ain't worth imagining this kind of stuff because it's just "cute," nor if it's all only about Spike himself, at all.

It's impossible and no point by having Spike in the show. Lauren wouldn't say that Spike was "just left on someone's doorstep," that his parents "just abandoned him," that his parents "just died..."

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In the comics, Celestia raised him up until Twilight moved to Canterlot to begin her studying. Twilight took over raising him as part of Celestia's curriculum. 
Except in the show it was Twilight who hatched Spike right before moving to Canterlot to study. Also its studies, not studying.
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You can say studying too... -_-

No, studying is a singular verb as in “I am studying for my test”. Studies is a plural noun, as in “Those were her studies”. The two words pretty different and are not interchangeable. What he could have wrote could have been, "In the comics, Celestia raised him up until Twilight moved to Canterlot to start studying". Also I’m sorry for nitpick grammar on the internet, I don’t know what came over me.

Now back to my original argument, Twilight is the one who hatched Spike and while Celestia raised him when he was a baby, Twilight clearly took over when she became old enough. 

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Yeah Twilight DID took over but as his adopted BIG SISTER figure!:D (Big Grin) 
But we never see Celestia even come close to acting in such away. Hell, she barley acknowledges his existence most of the time.
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Well that's what YOU thinkGreetings but some of us think differently about itRoll Eyes 
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Whatever you say :T
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Are Shining Armor and Twilight going to meet up again in the comic? Cause I think it would nice and wonderful to see.
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Yeah, what caused her to go crazy?!
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What happen to her ? Why the most kind mare can change ? It's so unfair ! hope the comic explain us !
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Aww, that's adorable. ^^
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I think I read somewhere on the MLP wiki that Lauren Faust actually said something to this effect...
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The more I hear this, the more I agree. Twilight's a good sister - figure, but I doubt very much as a foal she'd have been all that good as a mother. Makes much more sense that Celestia did the actual raising.

And by the by this is a really cute picture, even if I'm not always big on humanized ponies. Both characters looks so vivid and natural. Such a shame the show never gets to do stuff like this with Celestia.
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