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Don't dare touch him

<3 Rarity's so awesome.

"Fighting isn't really my style, but I'LL RIP YOU APART IF YOU TOUCH ONE SCALE ON HIS CUTE LITTLE HEAD!"

Support me so I can do more stuff like this : )
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and another ponys!?

:iconsunsetshimmersmugplz: sure!!! well, I will fight for him too!!
:iconstarlightrageplz: I'll protect him!!


Eyes rolling Spike not again!!
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Aww.. I love this! Rarity protecting Spike from danger. Cute and touching! :)
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Don't believe what Meghan Mccarthy said that this will never happen! We must keep going with this. Faust made Spike love Rarity. I know in the episodes we saw little, BUT in some of the comics we can see that Spike become jealous when someone steals the attention of Rarity. Specially what we see in Nightmare Rarity. In this new Siege of Crystal Empire maybe Spike will be again a hero and will Rarity be worry if something happen to him. Come on people DON'T give up on this! Believe.

Such a cute and awesome art style.

You go Rarity show them who's the boss.
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Rarity, it's a mosquito. Calm the fuck down.
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Suuuuuwwweeeeeeeeettttt!!!MLP Bellhop 2  Love it!!:D (Big Grin) Clap  Heart-Kay
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Rarity (IT'S CLOBBERING TIME) Plz Spike is mine!  MINE!
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Romántico o no, hay mucho amor entre estos dos :D
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Amazing..! Beautiful artwork, Rarity is really gorgeous ^^
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Oh I love the action pose here and how you've captured her mane flowing in the wind. very cool!! ^_^ Yeah I love when Raarity goes all Ninja like, <3 <3  Her eyes look fantastic, the whole scene is too!! C:  D'aww spikey wikey is blushing hehe
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that's what I love about rarity, you mess with her friends SHE WILL DESTROY YOU :love:
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Great picture. I love how it tells a story.
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thats right rarity tear them apart Rage  dont let them hurt spike
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That looks so real owo
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I can so see her doing this, and she's awesome for doing it :).
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Rarity: I'm sick of these motherfucking dogs on this motherfucking rock.
Spike: 0_0
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" This theme starts playing"…
Sebastian Michaelis (Evil Look) [V2]  And How do you expect to do that? Alucard Uh Oh I think your bluffing.. lets see what you got, ill take you both on! Shinya Evil Icon 
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