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Do What the Heart Tells

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Hope ya like. <3

Rarity and Spike belong to eachother (c) Hasbro
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He is sooooo Handsome with that soft beautiful bow tie!:D (Big Grin) Heart 
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TigerFallowTheCatBoyStudent General Artist
Sparity's my fave ship because 1) Its the only one that could really.. happen.. like Twidash just wouldn't happen 2) Its already happening, just not on the same scale as fans draw it out to be 3) Its the only straight MLP ship.
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TheSisters2 Digital Artist
Kiss the magic dragon....*singing* =P (Razz)  Sparity Forever! Love FOREVERRRRRRLove Love Love Love :happybounce: I think I've fainted.    :D (Big Grin) Heart-Kay
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They look so great together!
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Rarity, I...
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Spike looks good with wings!:D (Big Grin) 
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"Spike..." Rarity breathed quietly, almost a whisper.  Spike didn't respond, too lost in the euphoria of this dream made reality.  He felt that if he spoke, if he did anything, the little world about them would burst like a soap bubble.  She spoke again, even softer this time.

"You have something in your teeth."

"Oh come ON!" came the anguished cry from behind the sofa.

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FandomforeverHobbyist Writer
Emeralddrangon2 , YOU RUIN MY LIFE!
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FandomforeverHobbyist Writer

I have dreams!

 my sister:* whispers* she has no life.

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*Sigh* so romantic :heart:
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then... Rarity bonks Spike on the head on accident as Rarity's boyfriend opens the door.........
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My heart tells me to get dat ass
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Nice picture and great fanfic :) I NEED read more!!!! XD
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barney-nedwardProfessional Writer
There needs to be more GomezXMorticia inspired Sparity art.
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At first I was breathing at a perfectly normal pace..

But then I ended up here and I started hyperventilating.

And then I realized that obviously Rarity is just adjusting Spike's bowtie.




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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
yes, she is, until she realized how close her face was to Spike’s. Her nose was almost pressed against his, she could actually feel his warm breath over her snout. Without thinking, her eyes fixed themselves on his, which were staring right back at her.
Both their hearts were now beating at a hundred miles per hour, it felt as if they were going to explode at any moment now. The unicorn didn’t even notice she was leaning closer, her lips ever so closer to his. Her mind went blank as she got closer and closer to her dragon.
Spike thought he was dreaming as she started leaning towards him. Was she going to kiss him? It certainly looked like it, but it couldn’t be so soon! Oh, what the hey! The dragon closed his eyes and he too leaned forward, contributing to making the ever diminishing distance between their lips smaller...

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This cannot be!

He can't be with her!
Twilight wouldn't just let Spike have a serious relationship like this! He is far too young! Much too immature and inexperienced. For something so new to Spike, he should be with somepony who understands romance, Somepony that knows how special love is.

Not to mention both are far too busy to even consider this! Do you think that Spike would take even a moment to falter on his prestigious position with assisting Twilight to resort to helping a dressmaker? It would take serious dedication to resort to such a rash decision!

And she can't be with him!
Spike is practically a prince with Twilight being a princess now. Imagine the scandal! Royalty mingling with the common pony? It's unheard of! It's preposterous! A fairy tale even! Only a pony with a flair for the fanciful would concieve such an idea.

What of Rarity's career? Spike does well as an aide but he is certainly no pony! Do you expect Rarity to just open up a line of draconic fashion? Ha! The fabric costs alone would be outrageous.

Lastly, Did I mention Spike is not a pony?
A dragon and a pony!?!?
It's forbidden! Prohibited! Taboo! Illicit!
Where does it say a Pony and a Dragon can be together?!

Well.. Actually...
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A dragon and an equine? It worked in the Shrek universe...
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Actually, I guess there isn't a law actually preventing them from being together...

And opening a draconic fashion line wouldn't be such a bad idea, considering how vain some scaled specimens can be, and that many dragons could offer a considerable payment for any pieces purchased...

And I do suppose Rarity does have a fanciful imagination, not to mention the Royalty of Equestria already mingle fairly often with the regular pony...

Not to mention Spike is already seriously dedicated to whatever he does, be it his Dragon Code, assisting Twilight, and helping Rarity...

And the part about understanding love? I guess Rarity does know that love is special...

Maybe she could teach Spike how special love really is...

I dare not think of this any further! It's too much for my overactive imagination!
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waaaaaaay too much
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I taste mint...
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Pia-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
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:iconrarityplz: I taste... campfire?
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