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Commission - That Fabulous Voice


Commished by :icontheflimflambros: to be signed by *ahem* KAZUMI EVANS!!!! AGGHHH FINALLY!!! I ALWAYS WANTE HER AUTOGRAPH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

I had to do this in just few hours. So I hope it's alright ^^

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She's singing "Why don't you do right" from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Won't be long before Spike's dragon pheromones kick in.
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Rarity looks nice in that shade of pink. Also, the delight on Spike's face is priceless.
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I like your drawing :)
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That's Beautiful :)
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The best coupling in history?
The sweetest two in Equestria?
A dragon pony show!
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Beautiful work.

I'm sure she'll love it.
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Very lovely work c:
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Double feature on EQD.
Good job!
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A job well done and hope your friend will like it after it is being signed.
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We all know Spike would be front row for Raritys proformance
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He ain't just in the front row; he's in the only row. This be a private performance. :)
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Perfectly executed pic.rarity icon 
Fabulous print for a fabulous singer, great job :clap:
I really like Kazumi Evans' work so far, and I'm quite excited to see more. Although I may have been a little bit dissapointed by the fact Luna's singing voice became so close to that of Rarity :(
(Spoiler?: ) ...and a bit surprised by Adagio's speaking voice in the latest exclusive video. But I'm Dazzled (:D excuse the pun) as soon as she sings. So I for one am excited for the new movie (there, I've said it! Now please, don't kill me...) and if not for that, I'm really curious what she will bring in the upcoming season(s) of MLP.
(Anyone wanna share their thoughts? ... No one? ... I'll be back in my lonely corner if you need me ^^;)
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That sould be Sweetie Belle standing there...
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Yes. You know it.
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I know what i draw.
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And I know what I think.
Pia-sama's avatar
and i couldn't care less.
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