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Commission - Spike's Paradise

There's a place, somewhere, in that Spike gets all the Rares. xD

And the only harem I'd ever approve!

Commissioned by ImaginaryValued !

This took me forever... IV should receive a reward for his patience :'D
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as good as his ice cream dream

risingstar1011's avatar
3x the love, 3x the beautiful children. ;)
xAjelandrox's avatar
El multiverso jamas volvera a ser tan generoso
megabottons's avatar
Spike... THE KING!!! jajaja

spike (oh my god) plzIt's a Dream!!! I don't Get up never!!!
Princess LunaSorry Spike.... but you Get up Now!!!!
Spike Emote - Noooooooo!!!NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
JustJohn11's avatar
I wanna see more dragon Rarity!
khan3's avatar
Spike gets all the Rarity's
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Haha! Spike gets all the Rarity's... that must be the best dream he's ever had :XD: :XD: :XD:
jeroen01's avatar
Keep dreaming spike. Keep dreaming
ChristianLion99's avatar
Dreams come true 💕
MarigTheDragon's avatar
IniStrife's avatar
waaait...won't the spikes of the realitys the Rares are from mind?
GladiatorRomanus's avatar
:iconspikeisarousedplz::iconsaysplz:This is really my ideal paradise!

I'd like to be in the same situation of Spike, but with Luna :D
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What's the difference between the Rarity behind Spike and the one that he has his right arm around?
I know the one he had his left arm around is Nightmare Rarity, and I guess I can call the one with her right elbow resting on the cushion in front of him Dragon Rarity?
IniStrife's avatar
That behind him is a kind of more humanised Rarity from a fancomic here on DA.
Which so happens to be made by Pia-sama XDDD
CardmasterWild's avatar
I should have known cuz I just noticed her hand resting on Spike's stomach. But what about the Rarity he has his right arm around?
AgentOfTemplar's avatar

That's just Rarity with socks. Lol

AsherTye's avatar
Only thing that could make this better for him is a bowl of little gemstones to snack on.
Pia-sama's avatar
i highly doubt it, as this is like an enormous bow full of gems, right?? xDD
sparity-bronieboy444's avatar
Anthro Rare, Dragon Rare, Nightmare Rare and Rare with socks 030
My nose starts bleedin xD
CardmasterWild's avatar
Your nose starts bleeding? I hope you mean that figuratively, cuz the "fact" that if someone spots something or someone that is really attractive, their nose will start to bleed is an old wives' tale.
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