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Paris to Berlin

Paris to Berlin.


As promised i have returned to Paris with another tsunami. Finished this piece in one standing, around 2hrs. All stock from as usual :)

Check gallery for other Eiffel Tower manips, cbf putting links ;)

Hope you like ?

Please leave comments and fav's.

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awesome work dude i wanted to try and manip a tsunami wave but i cant find good stock lol. i try to make my own but my camera not so good quality but it works. how did you make the wave did you paint it in?
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That's friggin' awesome.
Love the angle you put it at, too. Gives it even more drama. ;3
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It reminds me 2012 movie...great idea
ogrebear's avatar
It's like the moment from Deep Impact when the meteor hits the Atlantic!
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One word: MAGNIFFICENT =)=)=)
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Cool like this kinda style! that world is gonna fail! by mother nature great job! Hope don t happen in real life tho ! XD
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Holly shit ... hope i'll be on the top of the eiffel tower at this moment ... :D
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Very realistic work!
Wow! It's purelly amazing!

Keep up this good work!:aww:
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so very breath-taking!!! :omg:
great job! :love:
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haha, look at all the unsuspecting people!
poor people.
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Beautifully captivating manipulations you have. They are breath-taking in a "Is this real?" sort of way. Very, very well done!
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You've been featured in my journal. :)
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Wow, great photo manipulation! But remember, contrary to popular belief, tsunamis don't actually break like normal waves. They're more like giant ripples.
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This is incredible! Great work!
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Wow O_o
Awesome :]
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