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July 21, 2009
Eiffel_Tower by ~phyzer really caught my attention. The quality is stunning, and for a second I almost thought it was real. It's a really well done manipulation, and it really catches your eye. I just couldn't stop looking at it. The waves look so powerful and the perspective used just amazed me.
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Eiffel Tower


Hey folks, it's been like a few months since i've submitted anything. I've been in quite busy and lacking ideas and motivation to come up with any new manips so im back with manipping waves. What can i say, i like destroying cities :)


Hope you like this. :+fav:'s really appreciated. I have larger versions if anyone is interested.

New York: [link]
Eiffel Revisited: [link]
Days like these: [link]
Paris to Berlin: [link]
London Tower: [link]


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I bought this print a zillion years ago and lost it.  I'm pretty bummed about that.
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I bought this as a print a long time ago and lost the print.. so sad.
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Having just returned from Paris, I really appreciate the apocalyptic-esque manipulation, with the rotated tower inducing a sense of disorientation and chaos.  :star:
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perfect & wonderful
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Very beautiful
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I had reached my wits end this helped me get back on my feet miracles really do exist just think of all the possibilities
I had tried everything because of this im always one step ahead ive finally reached the top keep this between us
I kept telling myself things would get better my expectations were more than exceeded this is proof that miracles do exist seriously consider this
I believe that someone else has posted this photo on instagram and is representing it as their own.
The user name of the other poster on instagram is: _the_shining_
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:O Awesome, its beautiful

Great Job man :O
I think this is extraordinary. Really made me stop and look for sure. Thanks. Jean
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I just want to rotate the picture to the left with my courser but i cant
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Did you draw that.:O
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