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Ricebowl is an icon collection for Linux, Mac OS X. Windows might be supported as well in the future.

Ricebowl will be my primary icon project now while Torchlight will not be updated any more.

Simple, consistency and soft color is the theme of Ricebowl.

Ricebowl is released under the LGPL license. See inside the package for license details.

If you want to donate to Ricebowl, please visit [link]
© 2005 - 2022 Phytonix
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DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
Zerolution's avatar
thank you for this great icons.
they look amazing
Shinji-bpm's avatar
Please add PPT and XLS icons too. Great set!
kevind23's avatar
Found these on Gnome looks, and I must honestly say, I'm impressed. Simple and clean, but very sexy. I like :nod:
Asmodea's avatar
Very nice and clean icons
Im with mjohnrussell on this one. Is there any chance of getting the index.theme file? There was one at one time... or are we to set this up ourselves? Id almost suggest removing it from gnome look if its going to remain broken.
These icons look amazing, but I cannot use them in GNOME because there is no index.theme file!
drudragon's avatar
great work!! but whatever happened to the linux package for this. i used to be able to extract it to ~/.icons and have it show up in my gnome theme manager. it no longer does this and id like to use the icon set again now that ive done a fresh install..
Arrias's avatar
This is one of my favorite icon sets, so clean and crisp... mmmmmm. It's a shame it's not packaged, otherwise I would be using this. As it is it's too much of pain to get set up :(
Hai-Etlik's avatar
Looks nice. I notice it looks like they were designed as vector images, any chance we could get them as scalable SVG icons.
ceratites's avatar
Very nice AND usefull set of icons...
diazospor's avatar
thank u for sharing!
stunning piece of art work there!!! :headbang: :jawdrop:
+fav for sure :worship:
raeth's avatar
I like the look of this. Now to see if it works at icon-level.
Im gonn be using this now.
nice design,but especially i liked tha colors
roadkill's avatar
Really nice :) WOuld love a windows version (at least till I get my mac and reinstall linux...)
i tryd and really loved it1
georgeusalexander's avatar
simple and clean design!keep on.
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