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I moved to Tumblr recently.
Check out my Tumblr blog:

or take a look at my website.

Cleaning Gallery

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 23, 2009, 8:24 AM


Journal Entry: Thu May 21, 2009, 12:48 PM
Stars and Love Forever by PhysicalMagic WhereIsTheLove by PhysicalMagic
WhereIsTheLove2 by PhysicalMagic Everybody Loves Music. by PhysicalMagic

My Deviations all together have reached a million views! :D


and btw, if you wanna thank someone for being faved, feel free to use this:




( and change the ';' to ':' )
Hey peeps,

It has been a long time since i've added a journal.
So here it is:

I'm busy with a new project called 'TheDisneyProject'
Since I love disney-stuff, I decided to try to photograph everything I can find of disney.

To follow TheDisneyProject see: TheDisneyProject !
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As you can see, my newest deviation is the result of one month of photography.
Ofcouse it isn't the only picture I took, but I don't want to upload them all at the same time. I still have more than 10 (which I think quite nice) photographs which I made this month. These will all be uploaded.


My future deviations will be alot of photography and ofcourse some art. I will only upload my best art instead of uploading it all, because I've seen my art quality decrease last month I uploaded.. The only thing I try to say is, my art isn't what is used to be anymore.

I love photography so that's one of the main reasons you people will see the amount of photography in my gallery raise.


I got to go now because I'm not at home; my internet connection is screwed up.
I hope you all understand it, and still keep watching me.

,Florian (PhysicalMagic)


Ohh Btw, people will be asking it but the camera I use is a Nikon D200
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It's a year ago I made my Vector Line Brushes 2, and to celebrate it, I'm going to upload my Vector Line Brushes 2007 today, but I need someone with PS7 who can help me with the brushes.

The only thing you need to do is.

I give you the PS file via MSN, and you make them to brushes and send the brush file back.. (So I need someone who know's how to make brushes and has PS7)

Ofcourse I will credit you for this!

If you are interested, please note me your MSN adress.

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Hi! I got tagged by :icontukarina:

1. Post these rules:
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged


8 Facts 'bout me!

1. Some people think me and my brother are twins, but he's 5 years older than me.

2. I've got very very very blue eyes. (Well some people say that to me)

3. I've passed my high-school exams some months ago and had the highest math grades of everybody.

4. I play piano, keyboard, trombone and I'm going to try to play a bit of guitar.

5. My friends think I'm 'gnettergek'

6. I've got hay fever.

7. I love jazz music!

8. I drink to much water!

The 8 people I tag are:
:icontin-can-man: :iconsekonda: :iconjoker84: :iconhyperactivemothman:
:iconpinkparis1233: :iconpeachykeen-jellybean: :iconezio: :iconionboy:

(I really wanted to tag more people!) :P
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Hi everybody!

I just wanted to tell everybody you all need to check out my store:…

I already sold 1 item and I've got €1,83 on my account atm!! :D

To get a 3 month subscription I need to have €5,81..

So if everybody just buy's something in my store, I can buy a subscribtion! ;p

(And remember, you can always donate one! ;p)

-- I'm not begging for one, I just need one  --
Hello everybody! :D

I know you all haven't heard much from me last month.
Well.. I got some bad and good news..

I will start with the bad one which is good for me:
I will be offline next week because I'm going on holiday for a week.
I'm going to a Centerparcs called Bispingerheide which is under Hamburg (Germany).

And here is the good news:
After that, I will be active again!

So I hope you guys have a good week..

And see ya all next week! :)

,Florian (PhysicalMagic)
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Hi everybody!

I made a new account (no I'm not going to delete this one and I will still be active with this one) to put all my photo's on. I got a wonderful mobile phone (Sony Ericsson K800i :P) and I do make photo's with it sometimes. To share the photo's with you, I now made a new account and I'm going to put all nice photo's I make on it to share them with you! :D

I made a new account and I'm not going to upload them to this account because:
- Some (or many) of you watch me because of my art and not because of my photography.
- I don't want to mess up my gallery with a mix of photo's and digital art.

Well, I don't really got more reasons but I think they are important enough to make a new account.

I ofcourse want to ask you all to help me.. because my photography just doesn't get any views at the moment. I would really appreciate it if you would like to comment, fave or maybe even watch me so my photography does get a little bit of attention. I ofcourse understand you if you ain't going to do any of these things because you're here to see digital art.. But the ones who can take a look at my photography (and maybe watch me to give me the feeling I'm not doing it for nothing or nobody!) , thank you very very much!

New account =



(btw, more digital art will be uploaded soon, don't worry!!)

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Yeah, I made it! I really did!
I got 30,000 Pageviews! :D

Thanks to everybody who went to see my page! :D

And I am happy to tell you my most viewed Deviation has got more than 85,000 views! And it is still getting more than 4,000 view per day!

I also said to myself.. If I can get 100,000 pageviews I'll subscribe to DA
Or someone else got to give me a subscribtion ;), you're welcome!

Well.. I'm off now because I got exams within an hour!
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I finally reached 10.000 pageviews!!
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What did I reach:
45.000 Deviation Views!
5.500 Views on my most viewed Deviation, Vector Line Brushes
3.000 Pageviews!
350 Favorites!
125 Friends!
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What did I reach:
32.500 Deviation Views!
4.250 Views on my most viewed Deviation, Vector Line Brushes
2.000 Pageviews!
275 Favorites!
100 Friends!