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Sheet Music Brush Pack.

6 Big Sheet Music Brushes! (1500px)
Made with Abobe Photoshop CS 3


:heart: Credit (& Comment) if you use !!
:heart: :+fav: would be great!
:heart: You can always leave a message on my profile!


Good luck and have fun! :D
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Thanks, it's great to find stuff for CS3...really appreciate it.
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Aww *o*
Thank you <3
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Looks pretty! Thanks!
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Thank you so much.
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It looks so cool from the preview! I'll definitely use it (:
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I use this great brush pack here:
Thank you very much! :) :heart:
Thanks for sharing
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Thanks for the bushes here's a link to where I used it [link] thanks =D
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I use it here[link]

Thanks so much! :hug:
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Nice these will go great with the next tag im creating.
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ahahah love it! :heart:
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I wanna use these 8D I'll send you the link to the pic on your profile and credit you of course 8D
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I am making a t-shirt design for a local music program. Is it ok if I use some of your brushes in the design?
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Looks very nice!
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wow.... this couturn rather usefull
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Yay! Something I can have on my Cs3 when I get it for Christmas. Thank you, they look pretty. ^^
I use your brush on my first vetor ^^
Thanks, beautiful brushes
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I may eventually download this, but because I have dial up...It would take forever and a day...So...When I need to use it, I'll work on it. But I can't wait for the day when inspiration strikes!
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They are pretty cool, i can't wait to use them on something..
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