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Colourful Jump.

Just another wallpaper I made :)

Stay tuned for my new silhouette brush pack which includes these wonderful silhouettes!


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I don't like it. I LOVE IT! <3
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so pretty that i use it as my pc wallpaper :]
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Nice - very joyful :)
LeXiElOvE12's avatar
wow i love this. I wish i could do this but i dont got photoshop :(
Nice sum up of life. ^^
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Very nice ^^. I really love it. Like everybody might have said to you, it look so much like Ipod publicity! Good job!
jimijames's avatar
good idea, I like a lot
ramirezhate's avatar
love it, fav it...
beautiful color, and when it mix with dark background (black) it become superb!! i love it damn much...thanks for sharing this :D
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Wooow :wow: I just :heart: this picture! :)
Nivek16's avatar
wow, that makes me feel happy!! :D
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REALLY REALLY REALLY interesting! I love it! Very good work! :w00t: :blowkiss:
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someone in my city stole this from you, and use it for his/her printing business... im not 100% sure but they seem the same silhouettes
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OMG I swear a girl from my school just stole this idea and made shirts of it for a school event!!! I'll keep you updated!
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So vibrant and colorful! ^^ :+fav: I love how you tilted some of them so it's not boring.
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I love the energy. >3
jstagrlnd's avatar
oddbydefault's avatar
*sets as wallpaper

awsome as ever!

love the detail in the silhouettes
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ah, heel erg leuk gedaan :)
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oh yeah i like to get the brush pack

nice artwork :)
Peachykeen-Jellybean's avatar
It's so bright and fun, very cool.
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