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All Gen 5 Overwolrd-sprites (ripped)

Here are all Gen 5 Sprites ripped, aligned and fixed from these ( ) Tileset.
i also replaced some OWs for the one from Nintendo. Hope you like this collection of all gen 5 overworlds (the best, you don't have to fix the tiles. you can use it after downlading it :P)!

it was a huge input to make this x.x

hope you like it ;)

Credits goes to:
:iconkyle-dove: :iconcsandoval: :icon2and2makes5: :iconpokegirl4ever: :iconfernandojl: :iconsilver-skie: :icontyranitardark: :icongetsuei-h: :iconmilomilotic11: :iconkyt666: :iconkdiamo11: :iconchocosrawloid: :iconstyle-dude: :icongizamimi-pichu:

and Nintendo/Gamefreak

i don't know but i eventually will edit which Pokemon belongs to which person ;)
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where can I download it?
SuperAngel502's avatar
I kinda want to see the gen 7 overworld sprites
SwordFLight's avatar
Can I use this Overworlds?
Phyromatical's avatar
Yeah, they are free. But you have to give credits.
SwordFLight's avatar
Obviously, and Thank You
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...This was tremendously helpful. Until this point I was hunting down the sprites individually, believing that various DA users had made them (which turned out to be a lie)--only to find out that you have the entire list here.

Thank you very much.
Phyromatical's avatar
No need to thank. I had the same problem, thats why I made this Tileset. I Hope it will help! :D
Carlotta4th's avatar
It definitely will! =D
AngelOfBeauty88's avatar
This will definitely help with my sprite comic!
Phyromatical's avatar
i'm glad that it helping you somehow ^-^
AngelOfBeauty88's avatar
Though I gotta ask, where's Victini?
Phyromatical's avatar
wtf. Now i realize that I totally forgot Victini >.<
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This is so cool! I wish they would make some sort of mystery dungeon game with these sprites. It would be super cool!
Phyromatical's avatar
Mystery Dungeon has other Overworld Sprites. I Think they would find better use in the main Games. Like the Gen 2 Remakes, wehere the first Pokemon follow always behind you *o*
Isilayne's avatar
That would be even better! :heart:
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This looks like it took so much work. Good job! :D
cpngbrn's avatar
You're welcome. :)
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Nur mal so der Titel "Overwolrd", da haben sich zwei Buchstaben verdreht ^^
Ansonsten natürlich hervorragende Arbeit :)
May I use this in my game
Phyromatical's avatar
As long as you gave credits to all mentioned people you can use them ;)
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